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The Weekly Challenge returns, but first here is the worthy winner from the original "Close-up" Ch...


The Weekly Challenge returns, but first here is the worthy winner from the original "Close-up" Challenge. Submitted by Pueo, you can see the original and comments it received here: http://www.fotothing.com/Pueo/photo/50620ab2c8df88769caee1bfbd9554c4/sta . Congratulations Pueo, your picture joins the "Fotothing Hall of Fame"!

There are also three "Honourable Mentions" for the following pictures from:
Fhelsing: http://www.fotothing.com/fhelsing/photo/cd522d4952dafbbc66b5ef19b3eb91ad/start=0
Smapdi: http://www.fotothing.com/smapdi/photo/9235ba2166370388dcff45645e2c4624/start=0 and
Pierina: http://www.fotothing.com/Pierina/photo/e89d863cdec045f993649a3638832237/start=41

Well done to all of you and sorry it took a while to publish the results. Now look at the next picture to see the brand new Fotothing Challenge!
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 31 2005 15:13 GMT Steve PRO
Well done Pueo! Congratulations. :-)
Mar 31 2005 18:44 GMT Pueo PRO
wow thanks everyone!
Apr 01 2005 13:26 GMT Pierina
Wow! Thanks for the mention!!!! And thanks Steve for letting me know! Congratulations Pueo, Fhelsing and Smapdi!!!
Apr 01 2005 14:47 GMT Sheila PRO
Doesn't the system let you know you have won automatically? Is it just up to somebody to point you to have a look?? Duh!
Apr 01 2005 15:55 GMT Challenge PRO
Yes, ok, point taken. In future all winners and "highly commended" will have a message sent to them by the Challenge Judges.
Apr 02 2005 23:53 GMT Pierina
Apr 03 2005 09:26 GMT Pueo PRO
congrats to you too Pierina! As well as Fhelsing and Smapdi (aka Pennylane).
Apr 05 2005 00:46 GMT olya PRO
Apr 07 2005 01:19 GMT smapdi PRO
Wow! Thanks for the honour - and the mention :) And congrats to Pueo & Pierina & Fhelsing!