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Fotothing would like to announce Challenge 79, entitled “Organised Chaos”; Commencing on Monday 10th Sept and finishing at 11.59 pm / 23:59 GMT on Sunday 23rd Sept.

This week’s challenge may sound daunting at the first reading, but should also be a huge amount of fun as it requires a little thought whilst giving you plenty of freedom to conjure up some unique compositions!

We would like you to interpret the theme “Organised Chaos” within your entry.

In our example, we have captured the “Organised Chaos” created at a busy junction, coping with cars, bikes and pedestrians on the streets of Paris.

Remember, it does not matter whether you have the latest technology or indeed a humble cameraphone, what we are looking for is vision, originality and photos that really capture the theme.


* Upload your picture to your Fotothing in the usual way.
* Tag your entry "challenge79" without spaces or quotes. A tag is sufficient to ensure your entry is submitted.
**Remember** only a single entry per Fotothing user may be entered.


Simply click on this link http://www.fotothing.com/tag/challenge79/ to see all the entries as thumbnails.

* This Challenge will close at 11:59 pm GMT on Sunday 23rd Sept 2007 and the results announced when judging has been completed.
* Only a single entry per Fotothing user name may be entered.
* By entering, you accept that should you win, your picture may be (re)displayed as the winner here on the Fotothing Challenge Page.
* Only pictures which have not previously been posted on Fotothing may be entered (the idea is to get you out and about with your camera).
* Entries must be your own work and you must own the copyright (as is the case with all Fotothing pictures).
* To enter the Challenge, post your photo in the usual way, and enter the word "challenge79" (no spaces or quotes) as one of your tags (you may add other tags as well).
* The judges' decision is final.
* No correspondence will be entered into.
* No prizes will be awarded - the Kudos of winning and your place in the "Fotothing Hall of Fame" is your reward!
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 10 2007 15:48 GMT x19bex92x
"Organised chaos"
love it!
:) should have some great fun with this one
Sep 10 2007 22:25 GMT LisaSam67
ROFL That's my kids and house EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
Sep 11 2007 13:14 GMT castor1
But that's plain and simple chaos... :D
Sep 12 2007 04:50 GMT pp11364
Real organised chaos.
Sep 12 2007 21:42 GMT martini957
Tough one....for some reason my brain simply couldn't add the word "organized" to the word "chaos" and get the picture lol.....but that's the fun of it huh?
Sep 15 2007 10:08 GMT jackbadger56
LOL where would I start?
.......actually........chaos - no problem, organised - .......ah well ;-p
Sep 24 2007 02:40 GMT PhotoPro PRO
whatever happened to ending these after the weekend - Tuesday I think it was? By 6pm Sunday night my time it's already over and I have my 1st chance at the computer.

Extending the time to 2 weeks just reduces the # of challenges/year, but doesn't make it any easier than when it was 10 days long.

my 2 cents worth
Sep 24 2007 12:36 GMT Challenge PRO
Thanks for the input PhotoPro, we may well change the day back again if it suits users to do it that way.
Sep 25 2007 05:19 GMT wolf2728
i like the ideal of more challenges per year! more challenges = more fun!
Sep 25 2007 05:19 GMT martini957
I'm new at this, but I fail to grasp the rationale of what PhotoPro is saying??????
Sep 25 2007 10:07 GMT BobdeGroot
Is there already a winner ?
Sep 26 2007 03:36 GMT wolf2728
when will we find out the results?
Sep 26 2007 10:09 GMT stuboy
Did I win yet ?
Jan 18 2015 22:55 GMT Fotothing PRO
Jan 18 2015 22:55 GMT Fotothing PRO
Jan 18 2015 22:56 GMT Fotothing PRO
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Jan 18 2015 22:56 GMT Fotothing PRO