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Thanks to everyone who entered Challenge88 "Fallen". We were presented with a thought-provoking a...


Thanks to everyone who entered Challenge88 "Fallen". We were presented with a thought-provoking and varied selection to look through.


Our overall winner this week is ManiacMom for this dramatic portrait of a ‘fallen’ coyote. ManiacMom’s picture is well-composed and the different shades of brown are nicely contrasted with each other. The result is a striking image which provokes emotion in the viewer.

The winning picture is displayed above and you can see the original with its comments at the link below:


Second place goes to Roncarlin for his broken tree in the centre of a woodland massacre. Again, the subject of this entry is bleak, but the colours are sharp; creating a beautiful contrast.

In third place is Seraphael with a party-goer who has enjoyed himself a bit too much



We have chosen 7 Honourable Mentions this week. In no particular order:

ThorBeverley’s surfer has ‘wiped out’ well and truly:

Jamby’s sunken lemon, magnified by the surrounding glass:

Joe’s motorcyclist has just left the race:

Dougrun’s feather looking out of place in the surrounding dirt:

Jaapie’s demolished factory tells a story:

The insect in Sini’s picture can’t hold on much longer….

And finally,

Hopefully the subject of martini957’s picture got up again, unhurt, after the photograph was taken!

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 30 2008 15:43 GMT jomoud PRO
It is a very well deserved honour, for magnificent photos!!!!
Jul 30 2008 16:19 GMT Carlimauda
Jul 30 2008 16:58 GMT nanstrom
Some wonderful entires and well deserved praises.
Jul 30 2008 17:00 GMT deejayrig
excellent exposure
Jul 30 2008 18:21 GMT lynnj04
congratulations everyone :-))
Jul 31 2008 11:59 GMT MOTT
Congratulations to the winners and honourable mentions!
Aug 02 2008 15:50 GMT martini957
CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL and thank you much for "Honourable Mentions" I was so tickled to see my name there.....but more than this, thank you for the countless hours of enjoyment FT brings to my life : )) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Aug 03 2008 18:26 GMT garynumber1cleaner
brilliant choice ...
Aug 03 2008 18:58 GMT bojtorjan
Congratulations to all of you! ;o)
Aug 04 2008 19:51 GMT Ciekee
Congratulations all of you! It`s good to see there are several Dutchies between the winners group ;)
Aug 06 2008 08:41 GMT litz
Congratulations to all!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 27 2008 20:13 GMT pauli3522
Sep 01 2008 22:11 GMT Pueo PRO
poor coyote
Apr 05 2011 07:32 GMT baby521

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May 29 2013 01:14 GMT mypictures49
Looks like dead animal-why post it?
Sep 13 2013 17:57 GMT peregrineenger
your grammar is attrocious. thank you for resembaling and embodying the true comenting spirit.