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The Fotothing Challenge

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Thanks to everyone who entered Challenge84 "Detail". We were presented with a colourful and varie...

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Thanks to everyone who entered Challenge84 "Detail". We were presented with a colourful and varied selection to look through.


Our overall winner this week is Haw59. Haw’s approach was to use a simple subject to show how the minute parts can be represented as a whole. The result is a striking, bright image which cleverly captures the theme.

Congratulations Haw59! The winning picture is displayed above and you can see the original with its comments at the link below:


Second place this week goes SamWiseWoahZay for his gothic style church. In contrast to Haw59, SamWise’s photo subject is relatively complex; attention to detail and intricate architectural design makes for a vast, dramatic ceiling.


In third place is Misterrie with an impressive shot which shows detail in the features, expression and movement of the fish. It also happens to be a great picture. Check out those fangs!



We have chosen 6 Honourable Mentions this week. In no particular order:

Mavik’s imposing temple columns:


LisaSam67’s frozen roof of raindrops:


JonAt’s barbed wire, dew and web macro:


PaP67’s intricate door-work:


This minimalist shot from EuCarlosFilipe


And finally,

Jenylew’s well-composed cat portrait:



A special edition of the Fotothing Challenge is to follow….
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 05 2008 17:43 GMT Haw59 PRO
Wow thank you so much.
Feb 05 2008 20:06 GMT LizSA
congratulations to all the winners.... beautiful winning there Haw59..
Feb 05 2008 20:44 GMT LisaSam67
thank you so much!!!!!!
Feb 05 2008 23:22 GMT mavik
Thank you very much!
Feb 06 2008 00:29 GMT kellsis
Its a beautiful picture!!! Congrats!!!! Bring on the next one! I love these.
Feb 06 2008 03:15 GMT Studio88
Congratulations to All the Winners ;-))
Feb 06 2008 04:16 GMT misterrie
this is my first photo to win the podium..... congratulation for 1st and 2nd....
Feb 06 2008 08:52 GMT Coccina
Very nice!
Feb 06 2008 12:02 GMT tacka
Congratulation to all winners :-)))
Feb 06 2008 22:52 GMT ItzEZ2b53
Congrats to all winners and honorable mentions. :-))
Feb 07 2008 15:23 GMT tendresse
Feb 07 2008 15:33 GMT jceca PRO
Feb 08 2008 19:48 GMT RememberRonni
Congratulations and the one definately deserved to win....beautiful
Feb 14 2008 13:50 GMT palakol
Congratulations To Everyone.. c",)
Feb 19 2008 22:00 GMT Pueo PRO
wow go Haw59! Congrats to the rest too