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Red touches yellow, kills a fellow.

(This is a shot I took several years ago. It's 3 Sonoran Coral snakes. Although they are venomous they rarely bite and no one has ever died from a bite)
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 29 2007 19:25 GMT pauli3522
Oct 29 2007 19:59 GMT LizSA
beautiful...... but willbe so very scared to come across them in the wild..
Oct 29 2007 21:38 GMT charlotte
how can it kill a fellow, when no one has ever died from a bite, does it strangle?
Love this snakes outfit!
Oct 29 2007 21:42 GMT rosyapple PRO
So bold and uniform! An awesome creature!
Oct 29 2007 22:18 GMT Cascavel
It's just a rhyme that helps people distinguish between the coral snake (red touches yellow) and the kingsnake that looks very similar but the (red touches black) instead. Although our local Arizona variety is unlikely to kill a person the rest of the coral snakes that occur in Texas through Florida certainly can kill a person. They just happen to be much larger and there for have much more venom.
Hope that clear it up for you charlotte.
Oct 29 2007 22:59 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful image and colors ;-)
Oct 30 2007 10:51 GMT Olympe1961
These three snakes make an incredible giant rope : superb !
Oct 30 2007 22:27 GMT perola
Dec 04 2007 16:51 GMT znacke
these are my favorites...beauties....love the color
Apr 01 2008 15:42 GMT Hondeck
red against yellow can kill a fellow.

amazing shot