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RIAT 2008 Fairford air show airshow display aircraft airplane aeroplane

932 views 6 people's favourite photo

F22 Raptor on it's official debut in the UK. The practise display put on by this aircraft and pilot on Friday was stunning, making it a real shame that the scheduled full displays never happened on Saturday and Sunday, but at least we got to watch the practise run in the rain. The vapour is where the water in the air is forced to condense into clouds as the air is displaced by the aircraft making sudden movements.... and this aircraft is capable of making very sudden movements indeed.
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 15 2008 18:22 GMT piskins72
great capture of it!!!
Jul 15 2008 18:36 GMT Pondy PRO
Superb photo of a technologiacal marvell..

..which is absolutely useless against a suicide bomber with a briefcase full of dirty bomb.

War has changed methinks.

Jul 15 2008 23:36 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Nice shot. Love the vaoour clouds. Can you bring the afterburner out a bit more? I think it would give it a bit more punch.
Jul 16 2008 12:16 GMT burger320
awesome photo!
Jul 16 2008 12:52 GMT damansara71
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this angle!
Jul 18 2008 15:42 GMT virginiabrill
Very cool!
Jul 18 2008 21:33 GMT LisaSam67
this is fabulous Miles!
Jul 18 2008 22:55 GMT fourdeadpresidents
I love the Raptor!!!

This really shows it's abilities...
Jul 19 2008 06:58 GMT Captivelight PRO
Yes, it gave an amazing display... well, practise display. It never flew on the actual display days as they cancelled the show. Good old UK weather....
Jul 19 2008 12:34 GMT Studio88
WOW ;-))
Jul 19 2008 18:26 GMT Laurie
I'm so jealous!! Awesome!!!
Jul 22 2008 06:20 GMT wileaux
Excellent shot, most impressive!
Jul 25 2008 14:41 GMT coocki
very good capture an thanks for the explanation.
Jul 25 2008 17:22 GMT hans55 PRO
great shot !!!
Jul 25 2008 17:24 GMT garynumber1cleaner
catch it if you can.. and you did for sure ... awesome
Jul 31 2008 00:41 GMT dougrun PRO
Absolutely stunning action shot!
Mar 03 2010 11:12 GMT Dudu911
Amazing shot!