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captivelight miles herbert


A Day in my Life.

No frills, no fancy lighting, just two soft boxes almost side by side due to lack of space and shooting through the narrow gap between them. 60 seconds to give the mandatory safety talk and get the owl settled, shoot the shot trying to get everyone's eyes looking more or less forward, then another 60 seconds for the image to print... some of the kids look like I just placed a black mamba in their hands, whilst mum and dad urge them on to new heights of bravery, sometimes it's the owl that looks scared... either way it's a matter of nailing the shot first time every time in just a few seconds so they can "talk" to the owl as they wait for the picture so the next happy customer can have a go...

Simple in terms of photography ... lights and camera are all preset to F8 at 125th sec, child stands on a marker on the floor so focus is always good, just remember the old saying "never work with animals or children"...

But oh boy the money is good....

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 31 2008 19:01 GMT PhotoPro PRO
and still a fantastic shot Miles
Jul 31 2008 19:10 GMT CeterusParibus
Good for you! Is this one of your 'erberts? :)
Jul 31 2008 19:59 GMT Captivelight PRO
Yes ... lol... I would NEVER post a paying customer, especially a child!!! The kids came along today to "help" me....

.... and I think to convert the profits into Coca Cola!
Jul 31 2008 22:05 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Good times LOL! I wish I had the opportunity to drop in on you while passing by.

Your son looks SOOOO thrilled.
Jul 31 2008 22:39 GMT LisaSam67
photography is just so glamorous isn't it?
Aug 01 2008 07:16 GMT Captivelight PRO
Glamorous ... you are so right. All I do is press one button, then hand the card over to my daughter who puts it into the printer and she gets to press TWO buttons!!! I am jealous of her!

I do find it amusing that last week I was photographing just one person in a huge studio area with everything to hand and all very comfortable, and now I'm working in an area the size of a dining table doing hundreds of people, everything is a rush and there isn't the room to swing a cat.
Aug 01 2008 11:59 GMT virginiabrill
Oh yes....he looks very thrilled indeed. What a photo...I never imagined having a child of mine hold an owl for a photo, but it something to now be considered! Of course, any portraits I would do of my own child would be done by Ward photography, but still. =P

Someday when we have our own house...either by building one (preferably) or by buying one, I will have a studio in which to take photographs in...That'll be the day. =)
Aug 03 2008 04:16 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
I like this photo Miles. I think you did a great job. Hope all is well.
Aug 03 2008 15:28 GMT WarSurFeR
Nice photo!

Keep up the good work! :)

Please visit my blog at http://warsurfer.blogspot.com/
Aug 06 2008 19:49 GMT Laurie
Great to start children off young to learn of our Wildlife Friends.... Nice..
Aug 09 2008 13:20 GMT best20
Aug 11 2008 19:46 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Excellent work:-))
Aug 13 2008 10:47 GMT Sparxie
great shot :))) both look so relaxed :))) keep them coming :D