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We couldn't use our usual studio room, so we managed to borrow a factory unit for the day and set up in there...

Put this one on at a reasonable size so any one who wants to have a look at the ... umm... lighting... can see it a little better

Model: Lauren Lorretto
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Comments on this photo:

May 04 2008 19:38 GMT bazer PRO
Wow !!!!!!!! Nice Lightings LOL And Pose ;-];-];-];-]]]]]]]]]]]]
May 04 2008 20:27 GMT gtc126
Great Set-Up!!!!!
May 04 2008 21:59 GMT damansara71
4 soft boxes! Thanx for sharing!
May 04 2008 22:24 GMT Captivelight PRO
Not quite as simple as all that Damansara. The ones closest the background roll are being used as reflectors with no softening. The background exposure is set to 2 stops higher then the exposure from the front lights on the model. On the front lights the right hand one is one stop higher exposure then the left hand one.
May 04 2008 22:33 GMT damansara71
Thanks again mate! That is very useful information to me! Please post more of your work.............plus the settings!
May 04 2008 22:44 GMT Captivelight PRO
Studio work settings are pretty easy if you use a light meter. You basically decide what iso you want to use, for example we used ISO 100 today, enter a reasonable shutter speed although this is largely irrelevant as the flash duration will be far shorter, and you are only using the flash to illuminate the image, we used 125th sec as a speed today. Then set each light individually using the light meter... for example we had the right hand front light to F 11, the left one at F8, and the two back ones started off at F22 but got turned down to F16 as they were getting a bit hot having done approximately 1000 flashes in a 2 hour period!

Camera was left in manual, set at iso 100, 1/125th sec at F11.
May 05 2008 12:39 GMT losp
I know nothing about studio photography .. So techinical
for me .. Hope to see how lights being controlled for
maximum photo effects on some of the photos in this
site .. Great model shots and thanks for the free
lessons on excellence in studio photography !!!
May 10 2008 09:03 GMT happysnapper
What is your background roll made of? i use muslin but it does not look as smooth as the one your useing?
May 10 2008 17:24 GMT Captivelight PRO
The background roll is made from paper. Smoother then muslin but not as hard wearing. Another (better) alternative is a roll of thin vinyl.
May 11 2008 09:25 GMT happysnapper
Thank you captivelight will give paper a try first.
May 11 2008 15:57 GMT Captivelight PRO
I would still recommend the Vinyl... costs about the same as three rolls of paper and lasts much much longer. You can even wipe it clean after use. Both paper and vinyl however come on a big roll, 10 foot long... so make sure that if you need to transport it you can fit it into the car!