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Christchurch Castle Constable House Ruins Priory

1216 views 2 people's favourite photo

"The Constables House" at Christchurch Castle next to the Priory taken last night at a Low Light Workshop.
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 22 2011 07:18 GMT Foggydew
Sep 22 2011 11:04 GMT hans55 PRO
very good work !
Sep 22 2011 13:32 GMT saffi9
Sep 22 2011 16:42 GMT Bigbear10
Stunning capture with great light
Sep 22 2011 16:55 GMT Annamaria
Great work!
Sep 22 2011 17:31 GMT biggles
The workshop obviously achieved its' aim. Lovely night shot.
Sep 22 2011 17:33 GMT biggles
Hi Miles,

As there's no EXIF info, any chance of giving us the lowdown on the technical aspects of this photo?


Sep 22 2011 20:38 GMT Captivelight PRO
Canon 7D
Sigma 10 - 20 lens

30 Seconds
F5 focussed on the ruins
Manual Exposure - took a couple of shots prior to work it out.

Light on the building is from a street light, light on the clouds is from the town of Christchurch reflecting off of them. The cloud movement is a result of a 30 sec exposure on a windy night...

Colour corrected in Lightroom as the original is much too warm from the street lights.

Tripod and Remote Release used

Hope that helps!
Sep 22 2011 21:49 GMT biggles
Indeed it does Miles, in every detail.

You use Lightroom over anything else?

I like its' features, quite subtle.
Sep 22 2011 22:10 GMT Captivelight PRO
I use Lightroom for the basic, ie colour casts, white balance, exposure, saturation, etc ... then convert to Tiff and save. That becomes my starting point for any future versions of that image.

The Tiff is then opened in Photoshop where I can use Layers and Layer Masks to correct individual areas, resized for what ever usage I want, sharpened, usually using High Pass Filter sharpening, and that copy saved as a Jpeg. For web use I nearly always use the "Save for Web" function ... which also strips out the exif info.

On my PC I have Faststone Viewer ... great for a quick look at Raw files without opening Lightroom, and of course Lightroom for the basics, Photoshop for the polishing.
Sep 23 2011 08:15 GMT sheasoru68
Excellent work, and great description of how you achieved it. Love the use of the street light.
Sep 23 2011 10:29 GMT Captivelight PRO
Have a look at this for an idea of how the image was worked from start to finish.

Sep 24 2011 06:40 GMT hamid2010
Nice shot :)
Sep 24 2011 17:21 GMT zeem
great shot
Sep 24 2011 17:21 GMT zeem
great shot
Oct 02 2011 08:17 GMT sini
Wonderful image!:)
Oct 06 2011 21:12 GMT fashionmonster94
Haven't stopped by on your page for a while, but I just dropped by to say that I really like this picture, and I will be dropping by some more, keep up the good work (^_^)
Oct 10 2011 13:34 GMT carla53
so very great impressive shot