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Tags my cat

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My cat!
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 11 2008 14:39 GMT gprever
Nov 11 2008 14:45 GMT Papagena
WOW !! what an amazing position !! :^'{}
Nov 11 2008 14:47 GMT sini
Nov 11 2008 14:49 GMT madison101
ROFLMAO......Ok, so you have to stop giving this cat so much coffee LOL. I love the pic!!!
Nov 11 2008 23:38 GMT stuboy
I'm telling you ........... The fish I caught was THIS big.
Nov 13 2008 03:39 GMT kimbob
My mouth would be open wide screaming!!!
Nov 14 2008 23:37 GMT Lenster PRO
HOORAY! That monkey is gone!
Nov 15 2008 09:30 GMT richard73
I believe i can flyyyyy , i believe i can touch the skyyyyy, great photo
Nov 18 2008 05:48 GMT misterrie
The Invisible Hanging Bridge...
Nov 18 2008 19:28 GMT LizSA
LOL... this is cute... the cat on the ceiling.....by dr. Caption....:)
Nov 19 2008 22:43 GMT Lenster PRO
The FORCE is strong with this one.

Ceiling cat redux
Nov 23 2008 19:29 GMT Crowy
Breaking News...Cat is left rigid after swallowing it's owners Viagra..
Nov 24 2008 21:16 GMT rainbow71
I knew I should have not pushed blow button on the vacumn cleaner.
Dec 02 2008 04:44 GMT nanstrom
Oh my, what a funny picture. It certainly makes me smile.
Great Catch.
Dec 06 2008 06:00 GMT BluToy
Dude... That's some premo nip.
Dec 15 2008 02:37 GMT LisaSam67
and for my next trick I shall Levitate!!!!!
Dec 26 2008 21:22 GMT Kaydi
Jan 01 2009 07:03 GMT BluToy
This time I think I will land on my back just to screw with Jim's head...
Jan 15 2009 15:30 GMT lamby
what a great shot
Jan 18 2009 09:52 GMT Littleollie
Oh no, stuck to the roof again!
Jan 30 2009 19:01 GMT fujifinepics
1,000 2,000 3,000
Mar 11 2009 05:31 GMT gentletouch PRO
"Okay, okay! So I'm not doing the best impression of Superman flying! Will you please get me down now!?"
Mar 16 2009 00:17 GMT JathenMoors
It's Human Season again!!!
Mar 23 2009 10:14 GMT lunacrout
amazing capture - made me laugh out loud :-D
Mar 30 2009 01:58 GMT ssphotoshop
almost scared the hell outta me
but my eyes are still red
Apr 15 2009 23:44 GMT gotbamboo
I sense the force strong in this one
May 03 2009 10:29 GMT jph2852
god i hope no one saw that mouse put me on my back, very funny just photo love it
May 06 2009 12:43 GMT Danibq
Like many Siamese, Tiddles could become a little exciteable.
May 06 2009 12:47 GMT Danibq
No, Your Grace, I'm afraid it didn't work.

He's still doing the whole 'floating around the room, glowing red eyes, reciting the Talmud backwards' malarky...

..do you know any other exorcists?
May 08 2009 16:22 GMT bifedecoelho
May 30 2009 05:34 GMT BluToy
With viagra...about like this
Jun 19 2009 14:02 GMT Tavascarow
Tom thinks he may have given the cat the wrong tablets when he wormed him.
Aug 05 2009 19:09 GMT judyss
flying, red-exed cat...very funny!
Aug 14 2009 11:11 GMT Snappa
EEEk! a Mouse!!
Oct 18 2009 20:41 GMT Nikonone
A great throw and a great catch
Oct 24 2009 15:13 GMT Ellastar123
Did this cat have a bit too much to drink? LOL
Dec 05 2009 17:36 GMT evacooper
i couldz fly!

oh... not
Dec 28 2009 23:08 GMT grumpyoldtrout
Ceiling cat found the Velcro release strip.

great capture. :D
Jan 03 2010 05:53 GMT BluToy
I would just like to let everyone know that this cat died last night.
He has held this position, suspended in mid air since 1969.
But don't worry because with the magic of a little nylon fishing line,
he may hold this position indefinitely.
Jun 14 2010 01:55 GMT gtc126
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IAM A SCARTY CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 16 2010 12:15 GMT will
Sure I like to excersize, but what I like best are these protein supplements! I've had some eye-popping results with them! :)
Aug 23 2010 23:50 GMT Gigipunk
wonderful shot!!!!!
Nov 02 2010 08:44 GMT rocdesine
Jan 08 2011 16:27 GMT mekim
Fly.......Be Free!!!! LMAO
Feb 22 2011 21:40 GMT brianreece187
oh my god a car "just act dead "
Mar 05 2011 11:55 GMT marl184
WOW Cool!!
Mar 20 2011 19:00 GMT wayne2874
Look Ma! No Wires!
Apr 07 2011 07:52 GMT baby521
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Aug 06 2011 22:03 GMT restemi
AAAHHHHH, I'm being abducted again.
Nov 15 2011 07:33 GMT xuzinuo
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Dec 10 2011 18:56 GMT clomill
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!"!!!!
Mar 06 2012 00:39 GMT carraci
ola bébé seu irmão te acha linda
Mar 14 2012 14:43 GMT depicture
... so you think this is funny? Wait till I land! Until then, it's the evil eye for you.
Dec 12 2012 00:55 GMT sweetlove900

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Dec 26 2012 16:29 GMT Herman1967
My pets can also fly but they have wings, so they´re not so original... Great, funny shot!
Jan 18 2015 19:15 GMT Fotothing PRO
Jan 18 2015 19:15 GMT Fotothing PRO
Jan 18 2015 19:15 GMT Fotothing PRO