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I took this shot from the shores of Lake Tahoe, CA right before sunset.
You can see more of my work on my personal website at www.califfoto.com
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 13 2005 21:57 GMT bertel
I am on my way ( in a hurry ) /B
Aug 13 2005 22:04 GMT bertel
Now I have seen your website. I have one thing to say :

Please Master, let my be your student ?/B
Aug 14 2005 05:23 GMT Califfoto
Thanks so much Bertel. You are too kind. I'll try to do as you suggested and find a way to introduce myself through this blog. Any particular way to do it?
Aug 14 2005 08:36 GMT bertel
If I see something (Photo )interesting I allways check the profile. Many people here at Fotothing donīt write anything about themselves - but I donīt know why. I find it interesting. Many photos here are just snapshot, and many people just use it as a kind of photo-web-blog. There is almost no critic - everybody is nice and will only tell you good things and happy thoughts, and that is OK. But if you want to improve it is not enough. I have used fotokritik.dk before but my photos was not good enough to get attention from the other members. It was like there was a elite, and I was outside the cirkel. Personnaly I have found my forum here at Fotothing. I have already made a lot of " friends" I get a lot of comments. Just a few words, but thats is ok for me. I also write a lot of comments myself, and add interesting profiles on my friends-list.
The people here comes from many different countryes and thats is also a lot of fun. I am not very good at english, but if only the members get an idea of my meaning thatīs also OK. I try my best.
Your photos is in a class like a great artist or a proff I think, but since I donīt know what you expect I canīt give you advise.
All the best
Carsten Bertelsen
Aug 14 2005 20:50 GMT Califfoto
Thanks Carsten. I totally agree and just did as you suggested. I'm truly looking forward to see more of your work and to read more of your comments.
Take Care
Alex K.
Oct 18 2005 05:07 GMT BamaWester
Your photos are some of the best on Fotothing. I've looked at hundreds, if not thousands, of pics on this site and yours are some of the very best.

I would love your critique on some of my shots. You have true talent and skill.
Dec 05 2005 14:12 GMT gon
i was about to write something about your work when i saw the comments above. I think the same they have said. your work is amazing and Iīm looking foward to see more of it.
one can learn a lot from people like you.
keep the art, and see you around.
Jan 26 2007 00:18 GMT Archer
Wanted to say more or less the same things others above have already said. Wonderful archive and great talent you have and I was really enjoying looking at your artwork! It’s a rare opportunity to see such quality work in one place. Hope to see more of it