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Tags enigma


My "Enigma" entry...guess what it is and you're next to post!

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 29 2007 22:27 GMT Qualquer
is there a telephone ??
Jan 29 2007 22:30 GMT CLN
nope..no phone!
Jan 29 2007 22:33 GMT Qualquer
Clothes Iron
Jan 30 2007 01:07 GMT CLN
nope, nope, and nope! Sorry! But thanks for the guesses.
Jan 30 2007 11:18 GMT paintpictures
it is the pedal from a car...
Jan 30 2007 13:13 GMT Bali
A hair circlet???
Jan 30 2007 15:44 GMT CLN
not a pedal =)
Jan 30 2007 15:45 GMT CLN
not a hair circlet either! (I must confess I don't even know what a hair circlet is! must be a terminology thing..hehe)
Jan 30 2007 17:05 GMT paintpictures
clutch or foot
Jan 30 2007 20:56 GMT kitwolf

I can't tell what it is, but I'm going to guess part of an engine - looks like there's some form of drive belt there?
Jan 30 2007 21:51 GMT CLN
Not part of an engine...

HINT: its not a part of a car!
Jan 31 2007 00:49 GMT Bali
Give a clue more please!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
there are more than one details, yes?
Jan 31 2007 04:26 GMT nzshutter PRO
Your holding a glass sitting in your favorite chair.
Jan 31 2007 08:08 GMT klingklingeling
Is it something electric ?
Jan 31 2007 14:49 GMT CLN
Here's a clue: We all have a version of it and I hope that everyone uses it at least once a day! (Preferably more though..; )..)
Jan 31 2007 14:49 GMT CLN
not electric at all
Jan 31 2007 16:15 GMT Nigel001
wash basin
Jan 31 2007 22:52 GMT CLN
Close enough! I'll call that a win. =)
It's a faucet on a wash basin. Good job...you're up next!