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The length (or more like height) "Littleollie" goes to to get "that shot". Rather him than me. I much prefer to be down on safer ground, although I did keep a real close eye on him. I have no idea what I would have done if he had disappeared. Thank goodness it didn't come to that.
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 22 2008 03:51 GMT Xaragma
It's a great shot, but a bit scarey!
Aug 22 2008 03:56 GMT Buttons
Thankyou Xaragma. Certainly scary, but it doesn't seem to bother John. Some of the situations he gets into has my heart racing.
Aug 22 2008 05:07 GMT Littleollie
Oh Hello!!! Is this the best of your captures you could find to post?; I don't think so.
Interesting that in this capture your elevation point seems higher than mine.
You are supposed to be taking captures of the scenery, not me. :-)
Aug 22 2008 05:16 GMT nzshutter PRO
Great shot Buttons!. You've got to keep an eye on him some of the time. :-)
Aug 22 2008 05:20 GMT sini
Great shot!:)
Aug 22 2008 06:21 GMT Buttons
Littleollie - Yes I do seem higher but I had a lot more area under me than you. And contrary to what you believe I WAS taking photos of the "scenery".
Aug 22 2008 06:22 GMT Buttons
Thankyou for your comment Robin and yes, you are right, you do have to keep a careful eye on him. You should see some of the places he gets into.
Aug 22 2008 06:22 GMT Buttons
Thankyou sini. I think it's a great shot as well.
Aug 22 2008 06:36 GMT teddybear2
I think this is an awesome shot Liz. Tell John there is plenty of scenery in this shot. I would be looking the other way though.
Aug 22 2008 06:42 GMT Buttons
Thanks Shirley. I understand why you would look the other way, being related and all.
Aug 22 2008 07:21 GMT teddybear2
Aug 22 2008 07:24 GMT teddybear2
Just thought a bit more about it and no not because we are related but then I could not see him fall. Bad enough me being high without watching someone else up there
Aug 22 2008 07:50 GMT Buttons
Fair enough. I didn't actually think about that. I wouldn't want to see him fall either.
Aug 24 2008 10:07 GMT gran1
Typical nosy little bro Liz, he might get a better shot in that position, even if it is more precarious than mojority of us would attempt for any photo.
Aug 24 2008 20:14 GMT Buttons
He got some great shots Loretta, as he always does. He goes that extra mile to get what he wants.
Aug 25 2008 17:05 GMT ujbanyiv
Nice Landscape Photo.
Aug 26 2008 06:18 GMT Buttons
Thankyou ujbanyiv.
Aug 31 2008 06:33 GMT rainbow71
I'm with you I would be standing on terra firma as well, great shot!