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*Sign Friday*
They took out the old coffee shop in the mall...and put up this SIGN indicating they are going to open a new store!! mmmm!!! Starbucks! My favorite!! Somebody put a sticky note on the sign: "Hurry and open we need coffee."

...yeah, I'm always trailing behind...but it's still Friday here :))
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 11 2006 02:35 GMT Poulet PRO
HAHAhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....................It's Saturday here, Deb !!
(OMG !!...........It makes Eastern people older than the Western !! :s ;P ;P lol)
........Well,....as a Coffee lover......I love it !! :)))))
Nov 11 2006 02:37 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
hahaa Poulet :)) I get so confused with the time difference :) It will be Saturday night for you when I load my Sweet Saturday pic on my Saturday morning.

If you rode on a plane to the US you would be 12 hours younger :)
Nov 11 2006 02:38 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Streaks, it's easy to get hooked on Starbucks...I'll probably go broke because it's difficult for me to resist their latte!
Nov 11 2006 02:39 GMT ashdad PRO
Love the post it note!
Nov 11 2006 02:40 GMT maiylah
love their irish cream mocha! :))
Nov 11 2006 02:54 GMT wifey
Ha ha… how cute… Barnies isn't too bad either. :)
Nov 11 2006 02:56 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
haha...this used to be a Barnie's.
Nov 11 2006 02:59 GMT wifey
I should have known. :\
Nov 11 2006 03:27 GMT juanse
In Seattle there are coffee places on EVERY corner...
Nov 11 2006 03:31 GMT aquiles PRO
Nov 11 2006 05:17 GMT PhotoPro PRO
when we had money I spent 1/4 of it here. :)
Nov 11 2006 07:35 GMT hans55 PRO
our favorite in the USA too ... we even where at the worlds highest "starbuck's" !!!
Nov 11 2006 07:49 GMT Hanneke
we don't have starbucks in holland :s
Nov 11 2006 08:40 GMT genese
fantastic entry my riend .... mmmm coffee
Nov 11 2006 09:22 GMT grumpyoldtrout
If they do cappa, hmm cappo, hmm the frothy one, I would live there. :-)

Coffee is just about all I drink. Great capture. :-)
Nov 11 2006 10:10 GMT Midworlder PRO
Nice and important sign for coffee lover.,
Nov 11 2006 10:12 GMT suzannesmash
AAHHH i love that...great sign, great entry, great You.
Nov 11 2006 12:13 GMT LAphoto2006
Great !!!!
Nov 11 2006 13:31 GMT Scarlett PRO
mmmmmh ... Coffee, but we don't know Starbucks here in France !! A great entry and have a nice week-end ! ;)
Nov 11 2006 13:42 GMT LizSA
MMM...reminds me of my son in law...Starbucks.....I actually laugh....
because before work the people stop there to get their coffee and off to
work....funny also...the driving with the glasses of drink in the car...I mean juice or soda....and put into the cupholders... it is so commen in America.....we don't see it so much here in our Country....Our cars are also coming out with the cup holders now...(actually a long time ago)...but when we are in America we do as the Americans...come out of the restaurant with a glass in the hand...even if it is only iced water..:-)))))))
Nov 11 2006 14:01 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
I take a cup of coffee with me on my drive to work every day! :)) My car has 7 cup holders...
Nov 11 2006 14:04 GMT Haw59 PRO
That is too cool Deb. Yes Starbucks here on every corner and drive thru also.
Nov 11 2006 14:13 GMT LizSA
it sounds funny...here where I sit...but truely...I know how it is...we were babysitting for a friend of my daughter....and last just before she left the house
she had tomake herself a cup of tea to go...and I was fasinated..it is so
unreal for us...but so everyday life there....:::))))))
she said she never have time for a cup of tea..with 2 little ones...:))))
Nov 12 2006 08:34 GMT fufu
SNNNIIIIIIIIFFFFFF.... I just wanted to look at some pics before I continue my class assignment and what do I see? My favorite coffee besides German coffee. That note on the door could have come from me :-)
Nov 14 2006 01:11 GMT saxophonegirl
Mar 27 2010 12:04 GMT superJoan
Two sugars please...