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I know, I know...again with the Polydamas.  I can't help it.  They're just so darned interesting....


I know, I know...again with the Polydamas. I can't help it. They're just so darned interesting. My last couple posts talked about defense mechanisms...this little guy, aside from ingesting a poisonous plant and tasting just plain icky to birds, has a fleshy yellow horn that comes out of the top of his head when provoked. I taunted the poor thing so I could get a pic. When the horn is exposed, a foul odor is released. Lemmee tell you PEWWEE!
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 19 2005 02:37 GMT chadad

you are a master on cat's and butter's
Oct 19 2005 02:47 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Oct 19 2005 03:09 GMT mickmusser
Great job. The DOF effect makes him look about a mile long.
Oct 19 2005 03:10 GMT maiylah
indeed, amazing!
Oct 19 2005 04:09 GMT Misato12k
thats a really interesting caterpiller! the only caterpillars ive seen here are:
maybe theres more, but they're hiding from me ;)
when its yellow horn came out, did you know it would smell bad? or was it a surprise? :D
Oct 19 2005 05:05 GMT beedabee
amazing .. that's great capture , great modelling for the caterpillar1
Oct 19 2005 06:22 GMT esham
how do you find all these wierd and wonderful creatures!
they are incredible.
nice shot.
Oct 19 2005 06:43 GMT AshleyChen
look like plastic toy caterpiller
Oct 19 2005 07:18 GMT bertel
one of your very best :o)/B
Oct 19 2005 08:12 GMT kosmos PRO
Beautiful photo!
The caterpillar is beautiful too :)
Oct 19 2005 12:27 GMT curves PRO
Pretty darn neat....most excellent
Oct 19 2005 16:32 GMT neera
i like bugs
i also clicked some
Jul 22 2006 18:41 GMT LittleDaisy
Brilliant macro!!! Stunning foto!!!
Jun 04 2007 20:42 GMT Peixy
:) ....precious .....