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For the challenge - did you think it would be anything else but a butterfly?
Now for the sappy commentary:
I have a lot of favorites; favorite people, favorite foods, favorite days, favorite places. I had to
stop and think what favorite thing has really made an impacted on me. Butterflies! About a year
ago, I bought a digital point-and-shoot camera. I started photographing flowers. That lead to
butterflies. Soon I became obsessed with caterpillars and especially the mystical butterfly. I
started gardening and learning about caterpillar host plants and sweet nectar rich flowers.
Eventually I volunteered at a butterfly garden where I met so many wonderful people (gardeners
and butterfly enthusiasts) who share my passion for butterflies. Before you know it, I invested in
a good camera, two lenses and joined a photo club - all so I could take better pictures of the
butterfly. I hope with my pictures I can show people the beauty of the butterfly. Maybe along
my journey of the butterfly I can inspire people to plant milkweed, dill and passion vine to help
keep the butterflies alive and well. It would be a small repayment to thank them for giving
me wings helping me find such joy in photography.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 11 2006 22:57 GMT nothingthing
Beautiful, and the words
Feb 11 2006 23:30 GMT Grimacher PRO
Getting better by the day! Beautiful shot....and heartfelt commentary.

I don't know what led me to the camera...Pondy I think. He's hardly a delicate butterfly though ;)
Feb 11 2006 23:41 GMT Nodster
A smashing shot
Feb 12 2006 02:51 GMT Hairlessman
Well done...my hats off to you.
Feb 12 2006 09:21 GMT kosmos PRO
Lovely picture :)
Good luck!
Feb 12 2006 13:40 GMT Elly
I love butterflies too, but birds aswell. So I want to change my little garden (6 x 8 mtr, but not much room to plant flowers, because of the stones) in a place that is good for both butterflies and birds.
Are these butterflies of you in that butterflygarden, or can you see them outside your house in a "normal" garden?
Apr 25 2006 12:25 GMT fanny1stockholm