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...my daughters are both sick with the flu :( I made a big pot of chicken soup to help them feel better.

During my time hanging out here at the house to care for them, I decided to make my very own website! I have learned a lot and have had lots of fun creating my online space.

I hope you will have a look: http://www.butterflyshutterfly.com
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 11 2009 16:55 GMT LizSA
this is surely lovely soup vegies...

Hope the girls are both much better.
Jan 11 2009 17:09 GMT sini
So nice and fresh! They soon will feel better!:)
Jan 11 2009 17:10 GMT Carlimauda
Chicken soup the THE recipe for the flu!!!
Jan 11 2009 17:30 GMT Squirrel PRO
The pot on the fire,the best for the health...................................BEAUTIFUL SHOT
Jan 11 2009 17:34 GMT maguzz
ohh ... i also had chicken soup in december '08 ...
it worked ... hope the girls recover soon ... ;-)
Jan 11 2009 17:34 GMT Lalbabu
Chicken soup!! Surely very tasty!!

I must visit your website.
Jan 11 2009 17:38 GMT bennystr
Beautiful site Deb!
All the best to the girls!
Jan 11 2009 17:43 GMT Midworlder PRO
I like the website ... Looks very smart. Hope the girls are well soon
Jan 11 2009 19:46 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Hope the girls feel better soon - certainly they are in great hands

Love the website!!
Jan 11 2009 20:22 GMT hans55 PRO
that sure looks like healthy food to me ...great composed ..i do hope the girls get wel soon again !!!
Jan 11 2009 23:02 GMT RememberRonni
just what the doc ordered :o) Great new website too - some wonderful pictures on there.
Jan 12 2009 02:51 GMT potterjo
beautiful still life...looks like it will be a good soup even if you weren't ill. Hope they are feeling better soon and that you don't get it. Maybe you should make a double batch and freeze some just in case. : )
Jan 12 2009 04:43 GMT LittleOurkie PRO
Like your site.....great job (almost as great as your still life) great work, Deb.
Jan 12 2009 14:01 GMT skbeta
Hi, your webside is super, very interesting... Have a nice day, greetings from Slovakia...

Jan 14 2009 23:37 GMT beady
Homemade Vege Soup.... YUMMMMMM
Jan 16 2009 20:36 GMT Peixy
I need a soup...I have the flue too....now already better but....
Jan 18 2009 14:58 GMT nothingthing
Great website........lots and lots of good pictures......and good words
Jan 20 2009 02:40 GMT Studio88
Chicken Soup is Jewish Penicillin - Hope everyone's feeling better!!!
Best of Luck on your New Website ;-))
Jan 20 2009 16:30 GMT valmirribeiro
Great composition.
Simple and lovey.
I love the colours.
Feb 18 2009 18:35 GMT PaP67
FORMIDABLE Debbie you are a PRO !
I 'm on shooting fruit & vegetables with medical advices ( see carotts & tomats... )
this shot should have been good for my illistrations !...
Apr 12 2009 09:40 GMT camerajockey
Love the website. Incidentally, I've got a 100mm Macro lens- but I can't take photos anywhere near as good as yours!