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Zebra longwing butterfly :) This is Florida's state butterfly. It is a graceful, slow flying butterfly and is not very shy. Some butterflies, like the Giant Swallowtail and the Tiger Swallowtail, are difficult to photograph because they flutter so much. That's why I need the shutterfly setting on my camera!!
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 31 2006 03:29 GMT slomoz
Great color contrast here ... beautiful.
Jan 31 2006 03:54 GMT Hairlessman
Another stunning photo...I assume you like the XT. I'm saving my pennies and hope to make the plunge soon.
Jan 31 2006 03:59 GMT mickmusser
Just a perfect composition. Framed to get all the beg and the bud. The detail just great. I wish I had an SF mode.
Jan 31 2006 04:39 GMT chadad

did you use a macro lens?
Jan 31 2006 05:04 GMT PhotoPro PRO
this is so gorgeous!
Jan 31 2006 05:13 GMT mavik
Jan 31 2006 09:16 GMT kosmos PRO
Really beautiful :)
Jan 31 2006 09:41 GMT hallo
Very sharp and beautiful image
Jan 31 2006 11:44 GMT sanjolina
I love yellow (and green) on your pics! :)
Jan 31 2006 13:00 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Chadad, no I don't have a macro lens yet... soon though :) This was taken with the 18-55 kit lens.
Jan 31 2006 13:16 GMT StavrosMoforis
Your butterfly fotos are of a breathtaking beauty!!!!!!!!!
Jan 31 2006 13:19 GMT Chevalier
Very nice photo, BRAVO!
Jan 31 2006 14:36 GMT potterjo
Beautiful contrasting colors, wonderful pic
Jan 31 2006 14:36 GMT korni
gorgeous image !!!
Jan 31 2006 17:41 GMT chadad
then it's pure talent

you're great
Jan 31 2006 20:24 GMT Minz PRO
Stunning photograph.
Jan 31 2006 21:23 GMT Grimacher PRO
Amazing shot BS! Who's the queen of macro now then? ;)

(Is this with your new lens?)
Jan 31 2006 21:33 GMT bennystr
Jan 31 2006 21:37 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
I should get my new lens in a few days. This was taken with my kit 18-55 lens. (This is nice, but the Macro Queen still rules!! I bow down!)
Jan 31 2006 23:33 GMT Grimacher PRO
Get away with you! ;p
Feb 02 2006 00:44 GMT PennyLane PRO
omg! this is so excellent! and *not* with your new lens? i can't imagine what you'll be doing when you get it.
Feb 09 2006 13:06 GMT looby