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Hi! Mom finally made me my own page and got me a camera so here i am!

see me in action here
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 05 2007 02:40 GMT Midworlder PRO
A very colourful camera !!! I've never seen one like that, don't drop it in the lake.

And welcome
Nov 05 2007 02:46 GMT Brit96
thank you very much
mom got me that camera at WalMart yesterday
hope you get one :-) x100
Nov 05 2007 02:51 GMT jceca PRO
totally cool camera !!!!!!!
and you are looking cute ... :-)

Nov 05 2007 02:56 GMT Brit96
thank you for commenting that picture :-)
Nov 05 2007 02:59 GMT Midworlder PRO
I definitely wouldn't look as cool as you with one
Nov 05 2007 03:04 GMT Brit96
you could be cool if you get a camera like me!
Nov 05 2007 03:09 GMT jenylew
Welcome, Miss Brit!
Nice to meet you, honey!
Really great photos you are taking...keep up the great work!
Thank you for making me your friend as well!
Nov 05 2007 03:10 GMT Brit96
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :-)
Nov 05 2007 03:17 GMT LisaSam67
Hi sweety! glad you like the camera... you do good things with it!
can't wait to see what you do with a real one next week!
Nov 05 2007 03:24 GMT henrybohawk
woooooooooooooooooow---hi brit---welcome to fotothing!
is gonna be cool with you here!
Nov 05 2007 03:40 GMT Brit96
of course i like the camera! and.............. i'll do better with the real one :-)
Nov 05 2007 03:43 GMT Brit96
of it will............ do you really think it? i hope you doo cause i'm fun (so people tell me)
Nov 05 2007 03:44 GMT virginiabrill
Totally awesome picture Brit! You take after your mom!
Nov 05 2007 03:52 GMT Brit96
thank you !:-)))))))))))))))))))))))))
Nov 05 2007 04:10 GMT ashdad PRO
Great looking camera there!
Nov 05 2007 04:16 GMT Brit96
thank YOU! (you can get it at ''WALMART''
Nov 05 2007 06:19 GMT nzshutter PRO
Great to see some of the younger folk getting into photography!! Great looking camera you have there Brit. Welcome to Fotothing, I hope you have as much fun as your Mom. :-)
Nov 05 2007 10:12 GMT hans55 PRO
we are looking forward to your work ... your mother is a great teacher !!
Nov 25 2007 18:27 GMT Nina97
Cute Pic
Feb 01 2008 17:21 GMT mirandapanda
colorful camrea
Feb 02 2008 21:19 GMT Brit96
thank you
Nov 02 2008 19:13 GMT Nina97

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