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Rainbow Children.

A rainbow of skin colours, religions, nationalities and ages. Boy and girl just uniting in a common cause - to play and laugh and be happy. Simply pure innocence!

I have learnt a lot from watching my children and their friends. I have learnt that they will find areas of common interest and peace - whereas wars focus on adults' differences. If only us adults stood back and learnt from our children the world would be a much more peaceful and happy place!

Peace to you all this friday. Find time to act like children, joke, laugh and have fun - life is far too short to fight!

As those great masters of peace Funkadelic once said:-

One nation under a groove,
gettin' down just for the funk
(Can I get it on my good foot)
Gettin' down just for the funk of it
(Good God)
'bout time I got down one time
One nation and we're on the move
Nothin' can stop us now
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 26 2007 21:28 GMT paparazziboy
Oct 26 2007 21:44 GMT Loula
Such a meaning full picture good workx LOL
Oct 26 2007 22:35 GMT Midworlder PRO
A great message to heed
Oct 26 2007 22:38 GMT megmet PRO
Yes Bowser, we need more rainbows!
This is a lovely photo and I hope these children all find peace and contentment in their lives.

Have a fabulous weekend my friend.....
Oct 26 2007 22:39 GMT Bowser
Thanks Megmet, have a lovely peaceful weekend..
Oct 26 2007 22:41 GMT Bowser
Thanks Midworlder - have a peaceful and enjoyable weekend!
Oct 27 2007 01:15 GMT Poulet PRO
Very lovely and happy shot!!
Great message Bowser!

Have a beautiful and peaceful weekend. :))
Oct 27 2007 01:15 GMT Bowser
Thanks Poulet - you too..
Oct 27 2007 04:46 GMT Felixthecat
Let there be peace!!!!! Great entry!!!!
Oct 27 2007 05:41 GMT gilbertoxp
A beautiful shot and wonderful feelings....have a peaceful weekend....!!!
Oct 27 2007 06:22 GMT paparazziboy
Bowser for President!
Oct 27 2007 06:40 GMT sini
Wonderful image and entry!:)
Oct 27 2007 09:14 GMT Bowser
Thanks Paparazziboy - my number one voter
Oct 27 2007 14:03 GMT blue
what a beautiful picture and thought. yes, can can learn from the children!
Oct 27 2007 18:24 GMT Olympe1961
This is a happy and really a peaceful entry !!! I enjoy all these smiles !!!!
Oct 27 2007 21:45 GMT thea
Nice photo&great entry.
Oct 27 2007 23:16 GMT Bowser
Thanks blue. Have a nice peaceful weekend!
Oct 27 2007 23:16 GMT Bowser
Thanks Olympe1961. Have a nice peaceful weekend!
Oct 27 2007 23:17 GMT Bowser
Thanks thea. Have a nice peaceful weekend!
Oct 27 2007 23:52 GMT anothergirl
these kids are too cute.. great snap and spot-on message
Oct 27 2007 23:56 GMT Bowser
anothergirl, thanks for your comment, have a lovely peaceful weekend - what is left of it.
Oct 28 2007 17:42 GMT Mia87
such lovely colourful photo :)
Oct 28 2007 17:57 GMT Bowser
Mia87: thanks..
Oct 30 2007 18:24 GMT napa
happy days.....
Oct 30 2007 22:08 GMT jackbadger56
Fantastic entry! Great smiles, all!
Oct 30 2007 22:19 GMT Bowser
jackbadger56: Thanks pal.