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What a kick in the pants this kid was...Had loads of fun with him
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 04 2008 02:11 GMT granitbiscut
Some how he stayed clean that day. Amazing.
Dec 04 2008 02:13 GMT BootJackJenny
Well, you can chalk it up to the fact that sand doesn't stick or stain. He was so much fun!
Dec 04 2008 02:28 GMT martini957
lol...love it...great shot
Dec 04 2008 02:32 GMT BootJackJenny
they were so much fun. I know GB and LisaSam were worried some of the time due to typical active boys and girls...well, boys anyways, but they were normal boys. Boys are active and curious, loud and rough at times. I loved it. It was life as it should be.
Dec 04 2008 03:04 GMT LisaSam67
Yup. Broken plate and all :-/
Dec 04 2008 03:24 GMT BootJackJenny
It's just a plate.....!
Dec 04 2008 03:28 GMT LisaSam67
LoL ya I know
Dec 04 2008 03:30 GMT BootJackJenny
I can't tell you how many of those plates my own kids broke...just washing them. I find them on ebay or in antique stores all the time....it's really no big deal. He just wasn't thinking...like a 7 year old will do from time to time. No harm done.
Dec 04 2008 03:32 GMT BootJackJenny
Dennis actually made the comment to me after you all left, cause he felt you were feeling bad because of it...he said, if a plate was the only thing to get broke, it was a successful week.
I agreed with him!
Dec 04 2008 03:37 GMT LisaSam67
That's funny. He's cool
Dec 04 2008 03:39 GMT BootJackJenny
not to worry...we raised kids too. Kids are kids....they argue, whine, break, fight, etc... some more than others, but they all grow up as long as we keep teaching them and loving them...for goodness sakes...look at Cody!