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A run down of what the finished products should end up like. Starting in the back, from left to right:
the first piece will come out with a rich brick red base and a rich cream drip rim, The second piece in the back will be a frog green like a toad with a dark chocolate drip rim, the third piece in the back will have the same toad green base with golden honey brown against it and the rim will be a dark chocolate drip, The forth piece (the pitcher) will have the green toad base with the dark chocolate drip.
Front Row, left to right:
The first piece will have the toad green base with the dark chocolate rim, the second piece (the mug) will have a rich brick red base with a rich cream drip rim, the last piece will have the golden honey base with a dark chocolate drip rim.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 22 2008 16:36 GMT hans55 PRO
very nice pottery ...good work !!
have fun with Lisa and the kids next week ... i hope you surrvive it !! :-)))
Nov 22 2008 19:27 GMT BootJackJenny
that's sort of a frightening statement Hans. Do you know something I don't ? :o0
Nov 23 2008 05:49 GMT martini957
such wonderful pieces.....awesome talent my friend
Nov 23 2008 09:05 GMT Kaska
interesting process.
I'd love to see them when finished.
Nov 24 2008 04:47 GMT BootJackJenny
will do....Once things are fired I will photograph them again so all can see the different stages.
Nov 24 2008 15:36 GMT LisaSam67
so totally cool
Nov 30 2008 05:39 GMT granitbiscut
I want to tell every one how grateful I am for my niece!!!

Thank you Jen for opening your home to our tribe and letting us run a muck. And for all your hard work in the kitchen !! The food was Amazing , day after day.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for every thing.
The Biscut.
Dec 01 2008 05:43 GMT BootJackJenny
Awe...you're too nice. I had a blast having you here. Dennis and I were just talking on our way to Coos Bay and saying how much fun it was. I am just so proud of how good you are with all the kids. I was very impressed. My home hasn't felt like a home in such a long time. The sounds, the smells, the laughter, etc...We enjoyed every moment of it.
Hope you all don't get my cold, sorry it came on while you were here. I'm feeling better today, but still coughing and a bit run down.
Can't wait till next time.
Dec 01 2008 06:12 GMT LisaSam67
I caught it hahahahaha
Glad too
Cause that means I won't be sick for Christmas lol

Boo is having a hard two days. Threw up twice on the way home

Runs today twice and just started heaving a little sleeping next to me

Dec 01 2008 06:30 GMT LisaSam67
The crashing wave pic was down by trees of mystery on the way home
It took us 2 hours to make it to orick! Lmao!
Dec 02 2008 21:32 GMT BootJackJenny
you had major photo stopping time going on then. Wow....crazy! I'm taking my film in today....right now as a matter of fact. I have all my first of the month stuff to get done and I'm already run down from my shower. This flu stuff is crappy. We already miss you guys being here. I'll have pics later.
Dec 03 2008 03:22 GMT BootJackJenny
Well, I turned in 11 rolls of film this afternoon and wouldn't you know, there machine is giving them trouble. So I insisted that they do NOT process any of my film until they fix the problem. They said I could come and pick it up this evening, but I am so tired and feeling like crud run over that I'm just going to wait until tomorrow morning.
I didn't even know I had taken 11 rolls. Some are from Idaho I think, I'm missing some pics from there.
Dec 03 2008 03:49 GMT LisaSam67
I have the crud bad today.
Had a biopsy done monday during a follow up. They r carving the skin cancer out thursday at 10
Poor Jeff has been in angels camp for two days for Jake. Now he's worried about me and wants to come home to be there for me.
The puppy antlers shot. Think u were in the kitchen hehe