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He almost looks angelic......ALMOST!

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Comments on this photo:

Sep 27 2008 02:59 GMT LisaSam67
hehehehehehehehehe love the tags!!!!!!!!

look out.... he just said "off to my archives" and "it's on now" hehehehehe
Sep 27 2008 03:00 GMT LisaSam67
Sep 27 2008 03:01 GMT LisaSam67
Sep 27 2008 03:02 GMT BootJackJenny
There's always future photo ops. He'd better be nice like he PROMISED he would.
Sep 27 2008 03:13 GMT granitbiscut
Oh its on !! I was nice . I towed you nice and slow.
Sep 27 2008 03:14 GMT BootJackJenny
Hey now......I'm your sweet little niece and you're supposed to be a good example for me.
Sep 27 2008 03:15 GMT LisaSam67
hahahaha you two are funny
Sep 27 2008 03:19 GMT BootJackJenny
Wait !! You TOWED me ???? Do you have a lisp going on or something...I don't remember being broke down
Sep 27 2008 03:25 GMT LisaSam67
look at my last upload hahahahaha

he's flippin cause he can not upload the pic hehehehehe

just asked me to help

Sep 27 2008 03:27 GMT BootJackJenny
you know, it's amazing how many comments I get when I put a picture of you up here. Kind of like putting roe in front of a school of salmon. Stinky and dead, but they take it anyway
Sep 27 2008 03:39 GMT virginiabrill
LOL....great photo and great comments!! :-))))
Sep 27 2008 03:40 GMT BootJackJenny
He's a lot of fun
Sep 27 2008 03:41 GMT BootJackJenny
Whats a matta, still can't get it up? The picture silly....sheesh
Sep 27 2008 03:47 GMT granitbiscut
Yes I towed you behind the boat. Would you like to see.
Sep 27 2008 03:48 GMT BootJackJenny
Would Auntie Lisa like some serving bowls and cereal bowls too?
Sep 27 2008 03:49 GMT LisaSam67
hehehehe you called me auntie lisa

hehehehehehe LOVE IT! this is so fun! :-)))))))))))
Sep 27 2008 03:51 GMT LisaSam67
omg i just read the fishing reference comment you wrote
baaaahhhhhh hahahahahahahahahaha
i'm dying with laughter here
Sep 27 2008 03:52 GMT LisaSam67
can't get it up hahahahahahahahaha

he can't get another one loaded hahahahaha

Sep 27 2008 03:52 GMT BootJackJenny
ROFLMAO.....Quit already......you're gonna make me pee my pants
Sep 27 2008 03:53 GMT BootJackJenny

can't get it up or get it loaded !!!!!!!
Sep 27 2008 03:53 GMT BootJackJenny
Sep 27 2008 03:55 GMT BootJackJenny
you just want to blow all the fun with ugly pics.....of coarse when you can't get it up or loaded, blowing doesn't do much good.
Sep 27 2008 03:57 GMT LisaSam67
Sep 27 2008 03:58 GMT BootJackJenny
Where is your mind girl ?????
Sep 27 2008 04:00 GMT LisaSam67
ooooooooooooohhhhhhh you gotta add a tag to this in EDIT


all one word.... then EVERYONE will see it! muahahahahahahahaha
Sep 27 2008 04:04 GMT granitbiscut
did you pee your self?
Sep 27 2008 04:05 GMT LisaSam67
ok where'd ya go?
you looking for more pics haha
Sep 27 2008 04:06 GMT BootJackJenny
Almost....but not quite. You'd get sweet revenge in that thought wouldn't you?????
Sep 27 2008 04:07 GMT BootJackJenny
I had to let one of my babies in. He was whining at the door.
Sep 27 2008 04:07 GMT LisaSam67
he's having too much fun!
Sep 27 2008 04:08 GMT BootJackJenny
To All who may see this wonderful picture.....No, I'm not patting myself on the back for a job well done, I just want your honest opinions....doesn't he ALMOST look like an angel ?
Sep 27 2008 04:09 GMT BootJackJenny
Wellllllllll, I didn't know he took that many pic of me at the lake. I thought there were only the two. I'm kinda scared now
Sep 27 2008 04:09 GMT LisaSam67

oh oopsy... that's my husband

*with angelic sweet face and voice*
"oh yes he does look quite angelic"

Sep 27 2008 04:10 GMT LisaSam67
there's a few more!
Sep 27 2008 04:12 GMT granitbiscut
Angle? I look like an inbred hill billy lol
Sep 27 2008 04:14 GMT BootJackJenny
I love you already !
Sep 27 2008 04:14 GMT BootJackJenny
you spell like one too ! I didn't say you look like an angle I said an angel
Sep 27 2008 04:15 GMT BootJackJenny
That is a good angle for you though
Sep 27 2008 04:16 GMT granitbiscut
I need to get some sleep . I need to work all weekend.

I love you to.

This was fun.
Sep 27 2008 04:16 GMT LisaSam67

omg he can see what i'm saying!

oh well LMAO
Sep 27 2008 04:18 GMT LisaSam67
lovin' your sense of humor big time!
can't wait to meet you
Sep 27 2008 04:19 GMT BootJackJenny
nite you two.....hope we can hang out soon.

love and bye
Sep 27 2008 04:19 GMT granitbiscut
:P to bofe of you
Sep 27 2008 04:20 GMT LisaSam67
hahahahahahaaha he :P'd US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha
good night! :-)))))))))))
Sep 27 2008 04:20 GMT BootJackJenny
me neither....talk to you later, have a good evening
Sep 27 2008 04:20 GMT BootJackJenny
he's such a poop
Sep 27 2008 04:28 GMT virginiabrill
LMAO...you guys are a riot!
Sep 27 2008 04:37 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hahahahahaha..I'm having fun just reading...LMBO!!
Sep 28 2008 02:52 GMT Empty
Too funny....This is wayyyyyyyyy better than the book I was reading !! :-)
Sep 28 2008 02:55 GMT BootJackJenny
people's comments and LAO makes me laugh as much as the original conversation
Sep 28 2008 03:00 GMT LisaSam67
hahaha Hi Patrick aka Empty!
it really is funny if not funnier to come read these again tonight hahahahahahahaha
Sep 28 2008 03:06 GMT Empty
I shall do that Lisa ... Looking forward to a good read.. ;o)
Sep 28 2008 03:06 GMT BootJackJenny
What's a matta mista rubberbiscuit.....no more pics to bounce off me...shall I put the rest of you up ?
Sep 28 2008 03:14 GMT LisaSam67
awwwwwwwwww ole rubberHAHAHAHAbiscut is tired from work and wanting to go to bed!

wouldn't be as fun if i loaded them LOL

cause i saw some goooooood ones he coulda used!!
Sep 28 2008 03:15 GMT LisaSam67
omg i just scrolled down to show him what you said and it took FOREVER to get to the bottom hahahahahaha

hahahaha he just grumbled "I gotta do something about this"

Sep 28 2008 03:58 GMT BootJackJenny
Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....my cheeks hurt.........my stomache is cramping from laughing so hard.
Sep 28 2008 04:00 GMT BootJackJenny
I can't stop laughing..........that picture of him is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freakin funny
Sep 28 2008 15:51 GMT LisaSam67
You know. The fishing reference is funny 'cause sometimes it feels like fishing. You learn what kind of pictures are popular.
A good friend who used to take beautiful bird shots always uploaded four magnificent shots and then for his last shot that everyone sees first he'd choose a funny pic of himself. He said it's the one way to ensure people see my birds lol
Sad but true

And back to fishing. These kids love to fish. Is there a place to take them over there. Should we bring poles?
Sep 29 2008 03:45 GMT BootJackJenny
Oh heck yea.....There's dry lake up the hill. It takes about 40 min and a pond about 20 miles south, near Klamath. There's the Smith. Some small trout in it, nothing big enough to keep. We're waiting for the river to rise for Salmon season, but no rain yet.
Sep 29 2008 04:07 GMT granitbiscut
Who's this angle?

Sep 29 2008 04:11 GMT BootJackJenny
That's the Angel who pooped her pants. Did you see the pic of Grandma Nancy I put up ?
Sep 29 2008 04:12 GMT BootJackJenny
you know, this is a really good pic of you. Not to toot my own horn, but I got a pretty cute shot.
Sep 29 2008 04:13 GMT BootJackJenny
I can't wait to get Auntie Lisa and the kids over here.....Subjects ! or subject to. hehehe