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This is the second series of 10 showing the process of throwing pottery from start to finish. Once this piece sets of a day to a day and a half, I will trim the bottom of it and apply a handle. It will be one of my famous coffee/tea cups. (hehehehehehehe) I will update the picture once that step has been finished. Thanks for viewing.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 17 2009 05:50 GMT martini957
looks so cool...my hands long to squish it just to feel the awesome clay lol
Jan 19 2009 16:06 GMT granitbiscut
Looks like you are havingg fun!!!
Jan 19 2009 17:21 GMT BootJackJenny
The answer to that is "absolutely Yes!".....how are you guys doing ? Did you have a good new years ?
Jan 20 2009 00:54 GMT granitbiscut
New years was nice and quiet. Lisa and i were asleep by 10:00
Jan 24 2009 00:35 GMT BootJackJenny
It was anything but quiet here. When New Years came (east coast time) Dennis and the other men in our neighborhood were setting off fireworks....then Dennis had to leave for work, so when the west coast New Years hit....the guys who hadn't left for work, did it again. Needless to say, all the dogs were in the house and in their beds with their heads tucked.
Jan 28 2009 05:16 GMT LisaSam67
Is it your Bday today young lady?
Jan 28 2009 05:25 GMT BootJackJenny
Yes...but today doesn't feel like a birthday....my geology class is driving me crazy and my instructor in my english class is boring me to tears. So I have spent my day, reading homework, writing homework, and feeling like my head's going to explode.
Jan 28 2009 05:26 GMT BootJackJenny
Oh yea! and I poked myself in the eye too ! If you can believe that. So tearing eye with dripping mascara and self induced sniffles to boot. What a Day !!!!!!!
Jan 28 2009 14:07 GMT Kaska
Happy Birthday Jenny!!!
hope you have a fantastic day! and many more to come!
Jan 28 2009 14:55 GMT LisaSam67
That is exactly why I invented the Birthday Week! LmAo

And I'm so jealous. I LOVE school!

Jan 28 2009 18:06 GMT BootJackJenny
Thanks, have you started the photo project art project yet ?
Jan 28 2009 18:08 GMT BootJackJenny
It's a fav of mine too...I figured if I didn't find a job to keep me busy by the time the new semester started, I would just finish my AA. I only have 12 units left, so it seemed the natural choice.
Jan 28 2009 18:09 GMT Kaska
not yet :(
need somebody to record it while I'm making... tried on selftimer but I'm then busy with taking a picture so it doesn't look real...
Jan 28 2009 21:03 GMT LisaSam67
I love it so much I accidentally got an extra AA degree upon graduation. LmaO
Jan 31 2009 05:46 GMT BootJackJenny
I didn't see this reply.....wow....how did you do that ? did you just have enough units in another subject to qualify ?
Jan 31 2009 09:31 GMT Kaska
Jenny, I'll be trying to make a small mosaic project this weekend so I'll try to remember and set my camera on the tripod and see if I can remember to take a picture every now and then.
hope you had a great bday.
Feb 01 2009 04:30 GMT BootJackJenny
I was too busy to care that is was my B-Day....Since the new semester started, I have been in a constant cycle of reading, writing, taking quizzes, and driving between home and school. So that special day came and went and I was truly too tired to care. But I am happy that so many people remembered it for me and gave me a call or sent me a note...that part was great. I am keeping up on the next pieces of pottery I'm going to send, just very slowly. I'll be taking them to my instructors next weekend. That's were I glaze fire them. Anyway, the piece you have up right now is just amazing. Good to talk to you
Feb 03 2009 15:48 GMT funnypictures
Hi, i want to send you some pics through e-mail would you send me your e-mail at vienalimousine@yahoo.com, then you can delete this message -- thanks and greetings from Austria ;)
Feb 28 2009 07:09 GMT marijke06
great series!
Mar 01 2009 00:08 GMT BootJackJenny
Thank you...it was fun doing it.
Mar 01 2009 07:04 GMT Kaska
thank you for the comment Jenny. I haven't forgotten about you either...
I'll set up my small exposition at the local library tomorrow and then be getting ready for the 5 demos... and then in April at the latest will have time for the piece for you :)
besides being swamped with homework, are you having fun at school?
take care!
Mar 02 2009 10:31 GMT BootJackJenny
(Kaska)...yes, I have always loved being in school, it's the kind of stress I thrive on. I love the challenge of learning, especially difficult things, although I do whine about it at times. But, I am at my best when I'm in school. My classes are particularly difficult this semester due to having two rigerous academic classes back to back, with instructors who like to give out the same amount of homework...papers papers papers. In geology I have a billion and one facts to remember, not to mention the building of atoms, their wt's and numbers and what element each specific one belongs too, then theirs the geologic time scale plus all the factors in between, and that's just one class. But I'm on my toes and learning a lot. I'm not trying to rush you about making me anything...just didn't want you to think I was flaking.....I'm really busy and have no time to get to my pots. talk to ya soon.
Mar 12 2009 14:46 GMT hans55 PRO
interresting series !!!
Mar 14 2009 02:35 GMT BootJackJenny
it was a fun thing to do and share with others. I'm actually getting some throwing done starting today so I can fill up a load before spring break is over and get some of this stuff shipped. I know a few people who are probably chompin at the bit for it.
Apr 29 2009 05:39 GMT Kaska
Jenny, thank you for your message :)
It's crazy busy here too... no school but enough work to fill more than one person's life at the moment.
Glad to hear you enjoy school even if it leaves you little time for other thigns. All the more enjoyment when it comes to finally having time to do other things :o)
I'll have 2 things that I need to finish and sent, where one for you, soon... don't know when yet, but hope soon. I collect more things for doing the cement in one go and with the weather being nice I like doing it outside (less mess in the house:)
take care! are you done with school? or is it just vacation time?
Apr 29 2009 12:52 GMT BootJackJenny
I won't be finished with school until the 15th of May. We have just under 3 weeks left and I have 3 reports between my English and Geology, and an oral report and final in geology, then I'm finished....yee haw! So I will be throwing like mad between now and then when I have the time. I want to have a full load when I go to fire (makes it more effecient). I'll talk to you again soon. Have a great day!
Oct 28 2009 17:52 GMT LisaSam67
Nov 25 2009 11:13 GMT hans55 PRO
good work and great series !!!