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The following series are Roosevelt Elk taken down in the Klamath Glen just south of Crescent City. These photos are from my husband Dennis. Of course mine aren't developed yet.
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 09 2008 04:17 GMT hans55 PRO
a fantastic encounter !!!
Dec 09 2008 04:18 GMT BootJackJenny
Wait until I get mine on here...I have some really good close ups of the same battle.
Dec 09 2008 04:48 GMT LisaSam67
we drove home that way hoping for some shots
field was frikken empty!!!! Drats LOL
did see one and drive by shot it
the one that's usually in that guy's yard on the west side of the roadway lol
Dec 09 2008 04:50 GMT BootJackJenny
There was one there grazing, but this was worth turning around to get. Dennis and I stayed through the whole battle. It was freakin amazing. Dennis got out to get some shots outside the truck and they started charging so he freaked and jumped back inside. It was too humorus. I was able to get some pretty good shots close up, but I have to get them....well, you know.
Dec 09 2008 04:53 GMT LisaSam67
LOL yup... the good ole days of having to wait and see what ya got ;-)

i still haven't taken my b&w film in yet... need to remember what pocket I stashed the film in! argh!

he was wise to get his butt back in the truck!!!! LMAO
I've had to do that too... but years ago....
would be funny to watch Jeff shooting and running at the same time
I'd be shooting him!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha what a visual
Dec 09 2008 04:59 GMT BootJackJenny
LOL....great idea....we should plan that next time. have them get out and shoot, but be ready to shoot them...hehehehehehe.
I wish I would have thought of that...darn it !
Dec 09 2008 05:26 GMT Squirrel PRO
WONDERFUL NATURE SHOT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Dec 09 2008 13:17 GMT h43
This whole series is fantastic.
Dec 09 2008 15:52 GMT LisaSam67
Free members get 10 uploads a day this month. Christmas prezzie from
eggy! At least something goes right today!
Dec 09 2008 19:12 GMT hans55 PRO
yours are not "developed " yet ??? ... in the digital era ??? :-))
Dec 09 2008 20:22 GMT BootJackJenny
I don't have a digital....my hubby does, but I'm so old fashioned that I have been stubbornly refusing one. After Lisa and Jeff came, I sort of changed my mind. I will be looking at them for Christmas.