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Comments on this photo:

Aug 12 2008 14:09 GMT LisaSam67

Your number ONE!!!

Aug 13 2008 04:08 GMT granitbiscut
Now thats funny !!!
Aug 13 2008 06:14 GMT nzshutter PRO
Classic shot!! :-)))
Aug 13 2008 06:25 GMT BootJackJenny
Thanks again....it was a fun one !
Aug 15 2008 16:42 GMT martini957
oh my...did he slam the truck door on his finger...looks like it is swelling....best put it on ice...lol...
Aug 21 2008 18:09 GMT jomoud PRO
I know this guy:)
Aug 21 2008 19:59 GMT craftybutterfly
There are a lot of #1's on his list...lol
Sep 13 2008 12:21 GMT jenylew
Seems to me I've seen this pose before!
A belated welcome, Jenny!
Sep 13 2008 23:27 GMT BootJackJenny
Thanks a mil...Yea...I just had to capture it, it was too funny.
Sep 20 2008 19:03 GMT aloraphotos
nice one, made me smile!
Sep 23 2008 04:22 GMT BootJackJenny
He can do that to ya.
Nov 08 2008 19:14 GMT LisaSam67
Hahahahahaha love this one still!
Nov 08 2008 19:19 GMT BootJackJenny
I have written to jim again in the forum....why did you apologize...you have done nothing but defend me and my right to speak freely? I can't believe this guy.....he won't give up even after an apology. He needs meds
Nov 08 2008 19:20 GMT BootJackJenny
and yes....this makes me smile still
Nov 08 2008 19:20 GMT BootJackJenny
I wrote two comments but forgot to aim them at you...
Nov 08 2008 19:38 GMT LisaSam67
Huh? At the aim thing hahahaha.

And wasn't an apology. Or was it?

Read tween the lines
Nov 08 2008 19:39 GMT BootJackJenny
Were you being SARCASTIC?????
Nov 08 2008 19:53 GMT LisaSam67
Nov 08 2008 21:04 GMT LisaSam67
LMAO ok i counted.... i get the 2 comments not aimed thing now.... there's 3 and only one was aimed HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Nov 08 2008 21:08 GMT BootJackJenny
what do you say....Der De Der !!!!

I have to go get some work done....I'll check back tonight and see what's been up....haven't seen or heard anything from WS....hmmmmm
Nov 08 2008 21:38 GMT LisaSam67

the DER DA DER award goes to...........................

Aunt Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wonder if people realize you are older than me? hehehehehehehe
Nov 08 2008 21:59 GMT BootJackJenny
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....don't tell them....it's a secret!
Nov 08 2008 22:29 GMT LisaSam67
Its only a year or two aint it? Lol
Nov 08 2008 22:33 GMT BootJackJenny
I told them in the forum that you were 44 and I'm 29....I also told them you said you had to bring Depends to my house when you came....hehehehehehehehe...go look
Nov 08 2008 22:50 GMT BootJackJenny
I have no messages left to use...I have to stay on here.

you're daughter...is she adopted as well?
Nov 08 2008 23:04 GMT LisaSam67
She was a non official foster kid.

I just realized this is a perfect place to talk

Unka jeff is telling everyone up there to u know what! Hahahahahahahahahahaha
Nov 08 2008 23:11 GMT BootJackJenny
telling everyone up where ???? To what ?????
Nov 08 2008 23:27 GMT LisaSam67
Der da der?????? Lol

Oh and crafty found me here. She and I lost touch for a couple years. And one day I got a message from her here. Shed been a member for a few months and didn't know I was here. It was so exciting. She has fun pics of us from back in the day on her pages. I'm a grandma too just like you lol!
Nov 08 2008 23:30 GMT LisaSam67
She needed a place to live her senior year. Her dad was dead and her mom and her didn't get on well. She was imancapated and had left her bf in oregon and moved back to town. I let her live with me. Traded room and board for help with the kids. I was newly divorced and she and my foster daughter Leila had been friends for a long time. So she moved into her room! It was perfect!
Nov 08 2008 23:31 GMT LisaSam67
Unka is up there. Not the people silly! Lmao!
Nov 08 2008 23:34 GMT BootJackJenny
cool ! I have always wanted to do foster care...hoping it would turn into adoption....Dennis was all for it when we first got married...I told him it was something I really wanted to do in my life...but now, he doesn't want anything to do with it...my heart aches so much sometimes knowing how much I have to offer to a child with no home or family. It's such a strong desire in me and I feel chained down to never seeing it happen
Nov 08 2008 23:40 GMT LisaSam67
Awwwww. I wonder why he changed his mind? Worried about liability or scary stories? It's a lot of work and trying at times for sure. But it's a blessing more often than not.
Nov 08 2008 23:44 GMT BootJackJenny
Selfishness...I think...I'm just assuming though....I never get an answer because when I bring it up...he becomes a deaf, mute.
Nov 08 2008 23:46 GMT BootJackJenny
actually, I think when we were dating, he just said what he thought I would want to hear.
Nov 08 2008 23:50 GMT LisaSam67
Awwwww that's too bad.

Yearbook pic is from thursday uploads I think

Its hard typing with a 7 year old on your back tickling u hehheehehehehe

I wonder if he's worried u'd get hurt and too attached. Or too frustrated and mad at the system that gives so many stupid rights to people that do not deserve them

I saw things that made me so mad!!!!!!! And not a thing u can do about it! Its hard. But if I could do it u could
Nov 09 2008 00:00 GMT BootJackJenny
I know I can......that's what's so frustrating for me. I know I was cut out for such a thing, I know I have a lot to offer as a parent and especially now, with my own children grown and the mistakes already being made and learned from. It is my deepest desire to foster and then adopt. I'm just too young not to be a mom.
Nov 09 2008 00:05 GMT LisaSam67

back on pc since my phone is dead battery now lmao!
Nov 09 2008 00:19 GMT LisaSam67
you somehow have missed this thread?


it's about you! LMAO