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Martha Rose Ella Russell, born May 18, 1922, Muncie, Indiana married on April 13, 1946 to Walter Holmes, born Sept. 14, 1911, They had 1 child; Tonia Holmes, born Feb. 22, 1947, Muncie IN. , married on Aug. 28, 1965 to Robert Stevenson, born June 13, 1947 in West Virginia.
Martha: This is Martha.
Bob: Hi! Martha, this is Robert, (who?) Bob Russell, did you get the book?
M: Yah, that was great, you want it back?
b: Oh, no! that's yours.
M: That's wonderful. Oh, you did? (yah) Oh that's great
b: I try to send as many as I can out
m: Oh, that's wonderful. That's a good thing you've done. (Thanks!) Yah, that's great. Oh, I appreciate it so much.
b: So, how's it going there?
m: Oh, I've been sick (oh, yah) yah, old ages I guess.
b: I been wanting to come and see you. I almost did about 3 weeks ago. (oh that will be great?) but I'm working and actually I was going to school for awhile and it's really hard but I still plan probably about one of these days, soon.
m: That will be great. It's been too hot right now, think it was 119 degrees today and yesterday it's 109.
b: I'm living in Tucson now. (That's what I heard of, it's get pretty hot, right)

Have you read very much on that book? (I read it all, I couldn't put it down) Yah, I do a lot of work on that. It took me 6 months. (Yes, I can see you and Dorothea both done allot of work) Dorothea got a lot of informations she got me started, basically a lot of informations came from letters, and newspaper articles. Actually I was sort stuck for a long time on Abraham, because we don't have much of information on Abraham. Than by accident while I was in Winchester, Indiana I came across a newspaper article about him then I found out what year he died, then I found everything about Abraham and Rhoda. (That was good!)

Dorothea was so surprise then when I was visiting Elouise, Eloiuse had a picture of Abraham and Rhoda. Boy, I was shocked. (That was Great!) I got most of those pictures. If you want copy of those pictures, let me know and I can copy you in real photos. (That will be nice) If Tanya want copy too let me know (That will be great, I sure she would.

I remember the day I pick up a newspaper and saw the picture of your dad getting that silver star medal. Oh yah? I actually wrote that for Dad, because really when was sick I spent a lot of time in the hospital with Dad. When Dad was out of the hospital; I actully went and out and I decided to get really into it and then when it was almost finished, it about a month and half ago, I let him read it. And then while reading it, he start crying.

I'm very glad I got to spend it almost everyday with him in the hospital. (oh, that's good!) That's probably one of the closiest I ever got to Dad. And you know it's pretty sad. But that was pretty good. He really enjoyed that book, that's the reason I was giving it to everybody. (Yah, I couldn't put it down because ______ and now I still have to go back up and go over again.) Yah, there is a lot of people that i even did not know I was related to. What was great was in the funeral, a lot of people that was in the funeral, I already knew everything about them. I talked to Hobart Miller, he was there, (OH?) James Cunnington, I talked to James before and I was shock when Hobert Miller I guess he didn't think that anybody would know him in there. But I read a lot about him and a lot of other people, so when they showed up, I knew who they were ha! ha!. (oh that's good) Even a Ofeelya Clapper , she was there. I just knew everybody that was there.

Hobert is just about the same ages as what your dad would be) Yah, I have an old picture, I guess Hobert was about 2 yrs. old in this picture it's a whole family in there in that book. I showed him that picture he was a bit surprise (Yah, there he was) That book wasn't finished, well it was finished but I didn't really have a book put together at that time so I just put everything together that I have. So I figure that will be the thing to do it. I try to make as many book as I could, you know because I'm having hard time finding people like Gearld, Gene and Harry's kids I have a hard time to find them. Like Eugene, I couldn't find him, or Juanita (Yah, I wouldn't know where they were either) I try to write her and she's gone. I couldn't find Larry but Wayne has Larry's address. Jerry Michaels she's gone. I think that's all I have right now, they are the main people I'm looking for now to send the book to.

Well, I will find them sooner or later. Actually it probably Juanita was the hardiest one to find because she is in Mexico. (who?) Juanita Hartly (oh yah, I haven't hear, it's been 3 years) I think this is probably how old this address is it looks, I got it from Dorothea. Hopefully I can ran across ______ that's the only way to find out. By the way,

How you doing? How's Walter and everybody. (Well, we're doing pretty good. Walter's got a birthday coming up in September, he will be 83 yrs. old and I'm 72, we're getting up there. I've been in the hospital. I was in the hospital last year December, then January and again in February and I gain my strenght back. I got artritis pretty good, I came out here for artritis. I can't stand to be cold.) Yah, I can't either, it's better to be hot than to be cold. I was going to Univ. of Arizona for awhile and I live in the univ. housing, last year in the middle of the summer the air conditioner went off (Ah!) so I open the refregirator and sleep infront of the refregirator, ha! ha! it didn't help any but it was a good thought. (yah, it does)

Do you remember anything abour your childhood? (oh yah!) That might be interesting. Because I really tried to put everything I can really. (oh yah, I remember Byron______________ the shower with the water in it. I remember the lumber we have that was stacked up on side of the shower out of the woods and it was stacked up for years, it was rainy season. Oh, I remember a lot of things in my past, I remember I was moving out to the farm. I remember a radio with Aunt Jamaima coming downstrairs from the big house and I was listening to Aunt Jamaima on the radio. And I don't know there is so many things that...) You should a get around the tape recorder and tape everything you remember and then I can write and put it in that book. Because really, you know people read and they have their deffirent views and stuff.

My point is the decendants way donw the line when they hear that stuff like Byron talking about the trashers and stuff, we really don't know what a trashers was, but you know to hear this stories and stuff like Dorotea talking about the farm and fires, it's like when it comes together into my mind I can actually picture it and I think it is really important for your grandkids.

I'm sort of disappointed, I should have did this sooner Going to those reunion I really didn't know who everybody was. The story's I could have wrote about. I wish I knew who everybody was, even I was to young to put everybody together. Now I know how important it is to write down as much as we can. If you can't write down something you can put it on tape because somebody will find it and write in down. Furthmore; it was really, i think it was a special time back then. I think the family were close to each other and it is a lot better than it is now. ( Oh yah,

I remember the depression, I can honestly say we never get to bed hungry. We were a large family you know but I can honestly say we never get to bed hungry. We always have something to eat. It was something out to grow in a big family.) Did you remember seeing a letter or anything that my Grandma wrote? Dorothea have any letter like that, you know. it's the letter was about that trip to Oregon and Illinois, one came from Dorothea and the other one came from Eloiuse. Some of those was a, I guess Dorothea went to school or something, the other one in royalty or whatever but it's about school. It was great that she still have those, and you can really picture yourself in her situation. But anyway, if you ever want to think about those things and if you