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I always knew this day would come...I'm leaving Fotothing. I just want to say I really enjoyed being a part of this wonderful community. FT was the place where I've found all my inspiration and desire to become a better photographer...I've learned so much from all of you. Thank you for your comments, emails, advices and most of all - your friendship. I wish you all the best and lots of success.
Who knows... maybe one day we'll meet again... until then, I'm sending you kisses and hugs.

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Comments on this photo:

Sep 19 2009 20:26 GMT paparazziboy
.."YOU CAN SIGN IN,..but you can't sign out",..Welcome back!...soon..
Sep 19 2009 21:26 GMT Cascavel
Really cool perspective!
Sep 20 2009 01:47 GMT Studio88
Great Departing Photo - Come Back and Give Us A Kiss Hello ;-)
Sep 20 2009 01:53 GMT doramandragora
Kisses and big hugs, Biljana. xoxox
Sep 20 2009 02:57 GMT larrybenedict
I will miss you. You'll be back...we're family here. Hugs and kisses for your journey.
Sep 20 2009 17:41 GMT sini
Good luck!:)
Sep 20 2009 19:11 GMT bazer PRO
Sorry Your Leaveing But You Can all ways Come Back Have a Fantastic Life ;-]
Sep 20 2009 22:11 GMT DJURApucachSTARI
...uvek sam se radovao ponovnom susretu ma koliko vremena proslo...
Sep 23 2009 07:20 GMT rock
I'll miss you very much, my dearest friend!
I wish you all the best!
Sep 25 2009 20:28 GMT zamo
see you soon, a great photo friend
Sep 25 2009 20:32 GMT hamrahi
Great shot..
Sep 25 2009 20:35 GMT soldier
We are minus one ... I hope so that we still see you here!
Oct 03 2009 11:22 GMT znacke
i will miss you my friend
Oct 07 2009 11:19 GMT aztecknight70
take care....
Nov 01 2009 03:42 GMT CBLADE007
all the best take care
Dec 01 2009 00:29 GMT irajsalarvand
Apr 02 2010 18:30 GMT anuratHa
You are always wonderful:)
Sep 27 2010 20:10 GMT fotocellosdh
actually paparazziboy is so right - I also deleted once all my photos, cause I needed distance to all these comments like "Great!!!", "So wonderful"', etc, but I came back again. I think in this forum you always get a reaction, mostly in a very friendly way, though you'd wish to get sometimes a constructive critique. But at least you can show your photos and you always can learn from this.

Mar 04 2013 06:27 GMT larrybenedict
I'm thinking this yeat would be a good year to come back to FT.