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I'm spending some days in Budapest, which started for me today in a theater with a lecture of photography of 2 world-renowned Hungarian masters.
One of them (on this photo with me) is a contemporary painter Feher LaszIo, I love his paintings so much! :
He is an old friend from our family too.
The other one is Martin Szipal from Hollywood:
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Comments on this photo:

May 29 2013 21:22 GMT bandsix
I like Medencénél
1990. akril, vászon, 250x180 cm
By the Basin
1990, acrylic on canvas, 250x180 cm very much!

You look great, too! Glad you are having such a good time:)
May 29 2013 21:27 GMT Bellavista
Barbara, he has more "ages" if you push on one of his panting here you can see them:
May 29 2013 21:40 GMT bandsix
Thanks for the link, Bea.....I love 'zazi' ! Will have a better look later.....he is very prolific, isn't he...amazing work.....I love them!
May 29 2013 21:46 GMT Bellavista
His paintings decorate of world-famous peoples homes all over the world, from Hollywood, to the First-Lady's dining room... and National galleries in every countries....
May 30 2013 00:03 GMT MargNZ
Wonderful opportunity to learn from the masters Bea . Thanks for the links.
Nice photo of you :)
May 30 2013 02:45 GMT fhelsing PRO
That would be an interesting event!
May 30 2013 06:52 GMT hans55 PRO
a great meet for you ...and a lucky one for him !! :-)
May 30 2013 08:29 GMT clintonfolks
May 30 2013 08:45 GMT bandsix
Don't suppose I could afford one then?.....:(( hehe
May 30 2013 09:57 GMT 25barb
Have a wonderful time in Budapest. It must be a great experience
I have not seen your photo before...You are a beautiful lady with a wonderful smile
May 30 2013 14:10 GMT wijnie58
I agree with Barbara...Wonderful..!!
May 30 2013 19:10 GMT Annamaria
I hope you will have a great time, Bea!! ;-))
May 31 2013 09:38 GMT sheasoru68
Congratulations Bea,...and I can see that you are really enjoying been home..:-)
May 31 2013 19:36 GMT gtc126
May 31 2013 20:05 GMT Bellavista
Thank you 25Barb so much, you are very kind. :-)
May 31 2013 20:07 GMT Bellavista
Joe, I enjoy to be all over the world :-)
May 31 2013 22:03 GMT Papagena
It's rather difficult to follow you Bea !! One moment in Switzerland, then in USA and now back in your own country... !! ;~))

Thanks a lot for these interesting links !!
Jun 04 2013 11:06 GMT superJoan
Bea great photograph and how lovely to see someone you admire.. afraid my taste in art is boring I love the masters...and a few impressionists......