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Behold, I AM BATDOG!
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 30 2006 19:06 GMT omikron
Mar 30 2006 19:13 GMT POES
Batdog Rules!!!
Mar 30 2006 19:18 GMT mel123uk
Behold, so you are. Are you allowed out on your own?
Mar 30 2006 22:32 GMT Lagerstunt
Hahahahahaha, welcome to fotothing.

It's about time our fotothing freedom fighter (FFF) hero got his own site ;)))))))
Mar 30 2006 23:46 GMT curves PRO
Damn....I thought this was BadDog's site
Apr 04 2006 14:58 GMT grimp PRO
Very funny, nearly fell off my chair laughing!
Sep 12 2007 18:07 GMT KingOfTheNewts
Sep 12 2007 22:09 GMT Sheila PRO
Wow! Fame at last!!
Sep 12 2007 22:12 GMT Steamie
Yay! BatDog rules! Viva BatDog! With chicken sandwiches in his utility belt he's ready for anything!
Sep 12 2007 22:14 GMT Steve PRO
Go BatDog, Go!

Bounding over tall molehills, clearing mighty birdbaths with a single leap, fighting evil C*ts wherever he finds them, BatDog is a true SuperHero!
Sep 12 2007 22:39 GMT cleftref PRO
What Joker took this? ;)

It's Robin others from being featured...

What would CATwoman say?

Sep 13 2007 02:12 GMT EveCN
wonderful ! to my fav
Sep 13 2007 02:12 GMT EveCN
wonderful ! to my fav
Sep 13 2007 23:08 GMT ixusclaire
BAT DOG..........................BAT DOG,,,,,, DT' D'NA-NA-NA-NA!-NA!
Sep 14 2007 02:35 GMT cemzona
Sep 15 2007 15:23 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Da na na na na na na na na Batdog!

Swinging from a tin of Chum
Landing on his doggy bum

Hahahahahahahahahaha funny stuff. :>P
Sep 15 2007 21:52 GMT isadr
Batdog.. Mitico :-)!
Sep 17 2007 19:54 GMT angelika
where is Robin's ?
Sep 18 2007 01:39 GMT redbeautifulhead
Totally awesome!!!!
Sep 18 2007 16:42 GMT swftady
awwww....so cute!
Sep 21 2007 13:52 GMT henrybohawk
Sep 25 2007 20:20 GMT pix2112
2 Cool!
Oct 05 2008 21:21 GMT Sketty PRO
Featured photo today!
Oct 16 2008 16:33 GMT lepotus
Feb 20 2009 13:23 GMT edgarsal1117
LOL!!!!! sooo cute!!
Jan 30 2012 02:58 GMT tianwykessebas
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