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A close-up photo of everyones favourite! photographic subject,The graceful,beautiful Swan!
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 19 2011 08:05 GMT sini
Lovely with reflections!:)
Mar 19 2011 12:56 GMT iyerhari
the beauty!
Mar 19 2011 13:04 GMT Annamaria
A beauty indeed!!
Mar 20 2011 01:34 GMT Barton
Thank you Sini!
Mar 20 2011 01:35 GMT Barton
Thank you Iyerhari!!
Mar 20 2011 01:36 GMT Barton
Thank you Annie!!
Mar 26 2011 02:23 GMT wifey
Graceful and beautiful in the water... aggressive and obnoxious on land... talk about contradictions! Lovely photo Barton.
Mar 27 2011 11:45 GMT Barton
Thank you Tracy, You`ll got that right, They can be so beautiful ,But they can be so darn mean! Ask any fisherman that was fishing to close to there nest, They will get right in the boat with you and beat your brains out with those big beautiful wings. As well as bite your face till your black and blue and you eyes are swelling shut.Respect the BIRD or you`ll get BIRDED!!!
Mar 27 2011 12:05 GMT soldier
The queen of birds ... lovely capture!
Apr 01 2011 08:30 GMT Barton
Thank you Soldier But its the King showing off for his Queen.
Apr 01 2011 16:36 GMT Adamus
Wonderful shot.
Apr 01 2011 18:58 GMT FLUMP
what magnificence
Apr 02 2011 23:31 GMT SIGMUND
fantastic close up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 08 2011 03:27 GMT Barton
Thank you my friend for your kind comment on my photo.
Apr 08 2011 03:29 GMT Barton
Thank you, I`m so happy you liked my photo.
Apr 08 2011 03:33 GMT Barton
You got that right!! He`s a pretty boy and he knows it!!!
Mar 14 2012 18:54 GMT Riet

Wonderful! ( you should tag it 'reflectionthursday' ) :-)
Jun 27 2013 20:53 GMT janos
A beauty!