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Comments on this photo:

May 01 2007 21:17 GMT Mia87
lab, chemistry? I know what you mean. I do the same on my uni :))
May 02 2007 11:56 GMT Aydrian
Really? I didn't know you studied chemistry, too! :D You're getting nicer and nicer to my eyes =P
Jun 04 2007 07:37 GMT adria
ciao Aydrian ! grazie per i commenti :)
Jul 25 2007 20:53 GMT Aydrian
a disposito *inchino* ;)
Sep 05 2007 21:12 GMT Mia87
Omg just read this comment, thanks *blushes*

I actually study molecular biology, but THAT's LOADS of chemistry too ;)
Sep 06 2007 00:23 GMT Aydrian
yeah, I suppose... that's not properly easy =P
Wow, great! A colleague! :D Yay!

*zomp zomp*
(onomatopoeic word for someone - me in this case - jumping around the room gladly)
Sep 06 2007 07:47 GMT Mia87
*zomp zomps back at ya* lol
(onomatopoeic word for someone - me in this case - jumping on bed gladly) lol

P.S: so collegue, what is this red thingy....? Does it have something with Cu2+ ?
Sep 06 2007 10:26 GMT Aydrian
Nope, something MUCH MUCH cooler :D Actually, the photo is of poor quality. The colour is kinda intense, purple. It looks a little bit like KMnO4, but in this case this is the next part of the experiment: first you dissolve some gold, than you treat the solution with Sn2+.

That is what you obtain: a colloidal suspension of... gold :D That's the Purple of Cassius. I still keep some "purple gold" from that experiment =P