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Comments on this photo:

Jul 29 2006 19:26 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Jul 29 2006 19:26 GMT vipe
Jul 29 2006 19:30 GMT Rasle
Jul 29 2006 19:33 GMT omicron
Jul 29 2006 19:55 GMT jamby PRO
Archer...totally agree with Omicron....magnificent shot!!!
Jul 29 2006 20:48 GMT charlotte
Jul 29 2006 20:57 GMT village
Amazing composition!, great sun set shot, congratulations!!
If you like sun sets I invite you to see my last séies with this fantastic theme, thanks!
Jul 29 2006 21:26 GMT Elise
wooooooow great framing........stunning shot
Jul 29 2006 21:27 GMT dolors

Jul 29 2006 21:28 GMT soldier
Gregorious photo!!!
Jul 30 2006 03:37 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Hey wow! You found frame for the sun!! Perfect! Awesome colors...super good sunset picture!
Jul 30 2006 10:42 GMT curves PRO
Was this taken by accident or did you wait for the timing to be just right.....

Beautiful color Archer
Jul 30 2006 12:42 GMT GeoffReeves
Frame within a frame and a wonderful sunset to view !!
Jul 30 2006 20:55 GMT indiana
Jul 30 2006 20:58 GMT Archer
Curves – It was a little bit of both. As it was said to me, this area is well known for beautiful sunsets so I went there every day at the same time to check it out and make some pics. But this particular natural frame I spotted just at the end of my stay. Didn’t need to wait cause Sun was just where I wanted it to be :)
Jul 30 2006 21:10 GMT fredaH
wooowww PERFECT!
Jul 30 2006 21:37 GMT d6dana
So very beautiful!
Jul 30 2006 23:31 GMT curves PRO
Well it was a great payoff for the effort, I expect I'll be in the woods this winter looking for that hole through a tree now......
Jul 31 2006 15:36 GMT Olympe1961
Oh yes, and the little branches make a splendid frame for the splendid sun !!!!
Jul 31 2006 21:37 GMT michelly
a very poetic sunset shot!!! loved it!!!
Aug 01 2006 02:02 GMT bojtorjan
The "PERFECT" shot. If you have to wait for something like that it never happens. Great work Archer!!!
Aug 01 2006 10:51 GMT Scarlett PRO
Absolutely perfect!! A poet is here, a painter is here, AN ARTIST is here!!!
Tha'ts a really really really Gorgeous picture!!
Aug 02 2006 17:31 GMT Mafernandes
I love sunsets too. If you want, look at mines! This is so beautiful!
Aug 03 2006 18:38 GMT bennystr
Perfect framing!
Aug 05 2006 09:24 GMT fawn
It is very simple and cutely romantic
lovely colour, composition, atmosphere ! well done !!!
Aug 06 2006 15:01 GMT emilqa
wow!!! wonderful..the frame...ah love it!!
Aug 07 2006 19:51 GMT elbeaver
finally people who like their pictures sharp... I like the asociation between your arched name and that bow above the sun.
Aug 14 2006 19:54 GMT jamby PRO
perfectly executed the arching image of the sunset!!!
Aug 14 2006 19:59 GMT Shawan