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Very long time ago (nearly 40 years back) one of my long gone neighbors made this photo of a sad girl in the spur of the moment. Obviously some kind of injustice was done to her and resulting emotion could be observed on her face, even though photo doesn’t look good today. Scanning made it even worse and PS couldn’t help too much. Nonetheless, I decided to put it on FT cause this is one of my favorite photos in the collection. The hero of the story is my elder sister and this page is dedicated to her.

My entry for this weeks challenge - emotion
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Comments on this photo:

May 28 2006 16:24 GMT marius24356
great emaotion capture, its good this moments can be remembered!
May 28 2006 16:26 GMT charlotte
very nice
May 28 2006 16:31 GMT Ini
So sad why than :-(
May 28 2006 16:40 GMT mp0255
I wish you luck, it's so emotional!!!
May 28 2006 16:42 GMT dolors
Bella foto
May 28 2006 16:43 GMT omicron
... lo scorrer del tempo č sempre l'emozione piů grande: ce ne accorgiamo, come in un "satori" Zen, guardando una vecchia affascinante foto!
Un saluto alla tua "elder" sorellina! :)
May 28 2006 16:49 GMT bojtorjan
Such a great story, very touching. It doesn't matter if the picture has a good quality or not...most important thing is the "subject".

Great photograph....best of luck to you! :o)
May 28 2006 16:53 GMT evelinzee
...well...those moments... never come back again...
...wonderful picture of your elder sister! ...nostalgic...and more...very personal and poetic... love it...
May 28 2006 17:03 GMT GeoffReeves
Good Luck Archer !....thanks for sharing...:-)
May 28 2006 17:31 GMT fawn
This image and words about event give us so many emotions too.!!!!!!!!
It doesn’t matter how old the photo is or camera or quality of the paper (now I saw …bojtorjan"s comment, I agree)) , it is always about emotions !!!
Good luck !!!
This photo deserves first place …specially in our hearts :)
May 28 2006 18:13 GMT Olympe1961
This is a very good and touching entry : we feel your sad emotion there : how old were You ? A splendid choice for the challenge and a beautiful gift to your elder sister !
May 28 2006 18:18 GMT Archer
Olympe: this is my elder sister … not me; I’m not that cute :). I can not say exactly how old she was, when the photo was taken, but I think around 3-4
May 28 2006 18:28 GMT luisa
Wonderful image!
May 28 2006 19:46 GMT d6dana
..touching feelings..

Best of luck,Archer!
May 28 2006 21:38 GMT Pam
Good luck with this.
May 28 2006 22:01 GMT bennystr
It's a fabulous entry, beautiful image and touching words, it is a winner!
Best of luck!
May 28 2006 22:37 GMT CAPRI
great pic!!!!
May 29 2006 02:55 GMT backstreets PRO
lovely capture and effect !
May 29 2006 16:43 GMT lieke
oh my...special...works superb
May 30 2006 14:15 GMT limE
really emotional...awesome capture! good luck!
May 30 2006 22:33 GMT aquiles PRO
BELLA...BEAUTIFUL foto plenty of sentiment !!!!
Jun 04 2006 21:42 GMT anyushki
good lucks! this picture really deserves highest praise!
Jun 07 2006 22:42 GMT Glo
it's a beautiful shot :)
Jan 01 2007 08:50 GMT Maurabia
happy new year Archer !

this pic let me remember about the little girl i was ( about 4 years old), with a big emotion also, and this is very strange to feel all these things after 50 years !
we are all together , like adn ! sorry for bad english