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Vibrating harmony of sandalwood, cedarwood and vetiver...It could be said that fragrances make this life sweeter. Some like it some don’t…but they are here to stay.
So…who is the “Boss”? :)
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 14 2007 18:25 GMT suzannesmash
Ohh seeing this..and I know this fragrance and feeling i get from it...so i have to say, Yes YOU are..You are the Boss...lol
Jan 14 2007 19:05 GMT bojtorjan
Yeah, yeah ... like Suzanne said! ;o)

"......From: Archer
Stillness of the winter life! I’ve heard you have some serious low temperatures in the northern part of Canada. Something like -50C. Scary low…Take care...."

But not in Vancouver and surroundings...there is just around +0C and -10C
We have always a very mild winter in southern BC. ;o)
Jan 14 2007 19:08 GMT Archer
Lucky you :) Glad to hear this and...don't go north :)
Jan 14 2007 19:21 GMT bennystr
Oh... wow... I have to agree with Suzanne!
Jan 14 2007 20:43 GMT GeoffReeves
The Boss is always right.!

You have the tone just right in this...Creativity in abundance!!!
Jan 14 2007 20:44 GMT fawn
mirror mirror on the wall, who's the boss ?
-Archer :)
Jan 14 2007 20:52 GMT Archer
lol...I meant Hugo :)
Jan 14 2007 20:53 GMT fawn
...I meant Archer :) lol
Jan 14 2007 20:54 GMT Archer
ok...you are right :)
Jan 14 2007 20:57 GMT fawn
Jan 14 2007 21:34 GMT mickmusser
Love the composition and lighting .............. but, there is still only one BOSS!
Jan 14 2007 22:48 GMT Sonny23
Cool shot, mirrors are always good tools in photos... Nice useage.
Jan 15 2007 00:10 GMT curves PRO
Ok your the boss.....Where's my paycheck!
Jan 15 2007 17:55 GMT rosyapple PRO
The combination certainly sounds beguiling! Nice warm image here to go with the scents!
Jan 17 2007 14:28 GMT hbla PRO
heehee Hugo's the boss alright.

very cool image :)
Mar 16 2007 09:18 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Beautifully done, Archer!