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During my youth parents ran a Hotel in a beautiful area with woods and lots of heatherfields. Its a National Park in Holland now.

I visit the Hotel about twice a year and often think of the great youth I have had there. Hard work but I really loved that place.

So this is for me the perfect entry for funfriday.... ;-))
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 19 2012 16:56 GMT clintonfolks
fantastic entry .!!!
Jul 19 2012 17:27 GMT bandsix
It looks a beautiful place Anna-Maria! No wonder you have such happy memories:))
Jul 19 2012 17:33 GMT senna3
Great to see this famous and famiilar hotel. I too have nostalgic feelings when I look back at the marvelous years at the Holterberg!
Jul 19 2012 18:30 GMT T1MELESS PRO
A great entry Annamaria
Jul 19 2012 19:41 GMT FRIESIAN
Fantastic photo Annamaria and a very nice hotel.
Jul 19 2012 19:45 GMT roncarlin PRO
Excellent retreat hotel. Great Hotelfriday entry
Jul 19 2012 20:31 GMT hans55 PRO
a hotel with good memories for you ... great entry !!
Jul 19 2012 20:41 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful memories for you Annamaria...Great entry...:-))
Jul 19 2012 21:01 GMT mysticwonder
Very nice job on this annamaria..
Jul 20 2012 00:10 GMT fhelsing PRO
What a beautiful place ... you were lucky to grow up there!
Jul 20 2012 05:08 GMT marijke06
fantastic place!
Jul 20 2012 05:52 GMT MargNZ
It is a perfect entry Annamaria and a special place. It is beautiful :))
Jul 20 2012 09:41 GMT Papagena
Great entry and wonderful memories indeed Anna-Maria !! ;┬░)
Jul 20 2012 13:10 GMT elsje323
beautiful hotel and great memories
Jul 20 2012 13:40 GMT Lalbabu
Love the contrasty image of right upper & right lower,perhaps you spent your youth at the right upper now it has changed a lot at right lower.
Jul 20 2012 14:38 GMT Annamaria
The right upper is the diningroom(downstairs) and some guestrooms (upstairs). The right downer is the mainentrance with at the right the kitchen. The mainentrance can be seen at the left lower from a different angle...;-)
Jul 20 2012 16:08 GMT martini957
Awesome entry....fantastic memories here for you ....wonderful that it's still there for you to go back and visit twice a year.
Jul 20 2012 16:10 GMT pauli3522
spectacular place..is it expensive¡?
Jul 20 2012 18:11 GMT sini
Great place and entry!:)
Jul 20 2012 18:44 GMT Annamaria
Its quite expensive now, Paulina, but I think it is worth it...;-)
Jul 20 2012 18:54 GMT jomoud PRO
I remember seeing this before AnnaMaria.
I had forgotten that your mond and dad ran this hotel for awhile
Excellent entry
Have a wonderful happy weekend
Jul 20 2012 19:39 GMT Annamaria
Yes John, I have uploaded some pictures before! My parents ran this Hotel for almost 20 years so that was quite some time...;-) It appeared later that Peters (Senna) parents were our neighbours while living there... funny isn't it?

Have a great weekend John!!