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Just another empty bottle in the water.....

(no advertisement.... no promotion of drinking alcohol)
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 10 2013 20:51 GMT jmcdh
Nice one Annamaria
Apr 10 2013 20:55 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
A good reflection entry, Anna-Maria, but a pity there are so many litter bugs in both our countries!
Apr 10 2013 20:56 GMT Annamaria
Thanks a lot, James! ;-)
Apr 10 2013 20:57 GMT Annamaria
There was a litterbox just a few meters distance from where I found this, Sylvia.... it must have been too much work to put it there....;-(
Apr 10 2013 21:00 GMT 25barb
Litter bugs are selfish bugs.
No concern for others or our earth.
A great capture. It is in all countries...
Here in USA there is a fine from littering, but I have yet to hear of anyone getting one.
Rules should be followed... but they are not..
So there are those with no respect for anything including themselves.
Well seen
Apr 10 2013 21:03 GMT Annamaria
You are so right, Barb!! It happens all over the World!

I remember the warningsigns for getting a fine when I visited the USA in the past.
Apr 10 2013 21:11 GMT sunrise99
We can open a new theme on the FT - "bottles in the city" or "our garbage" ........
It actual problem for a lot of us.
Apr 10 2013 21:21 GMT Icandoit
Beautiful reflection entry
Apr 10 2013 21:36 GMT MargNZ
A worldwide problem Annamaria ! Great reflection entry though :)
Apr 11 2013 01:26 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Great shot Annamaria . I tend to agree with everone else some people have no consideration for anyone other than themselfs,it makes you wonder what their house is like !!!!!!
Apr 11 2013 15:16 GMT martini957
Cool one
Apr 11 2013 16:50 GMT elsje323
great find and reflections
Apr 11 2013 23:13 GMT legs4daze PRO
alcohol needs no promotion and littering knows no boundaries... but still a very cool photograph! xo
Apr 12 2013 06:27 GMT Annamaria
God knows I will NEVER promote alcohol, Steph!!
Apr 13 2013 07:53 GMT mbz
Apr 14 2013 02:56 GMT pauli3522
pretty cool and original pic