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This weekend my daughter plays in an International Toernament with Dutch, Belgian and German teams. This morning was her first game... they lost.... it wasn't a really good match... this afternoon they will have their second match... I hope it will be better then...;-))

On one of these shots she had to sit down after she was hit on her head with a stick... result: a big lump just above her eye.... but she is a tough girl...;-)
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 21 2010 12:26 GMT Donjames
Lumps bumps all come with the game.....next game will be better this game was just a warm up.... :-))
Aug 21 2010 12:31 GMT Annamaria
Thank you James! You are so right... she has so many scarves from sliding and even had stiches twice on her head thanks to hockey... but she still loves it the most!! ;-))
Aug 21 2010 12:36 GMT Donjames
cuts scratches etc dont matter if you love the game....
Aug 21 2010 12:46 GMT will
Great collage of fun times...creating great memories..:)
Aug 21 2010 13:44 GMT hans55 PRO
a tough girl like her mum ?? :-)
i hope they have more succes this afternoon !!!!
Aug 21 2010 14:56 GMT senna3
A tough girl indeed! Our daughters quit hockey after their first similar experiences!
Aug 21 2010 15:41 GMT SIGMUND
beautiful sport collage!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 21 2010 15:45 GMT Annamaria
Yes they had, Hans!! They have won the second match!!
Aug 21 2010 15:48 GMT Annamaria
Marloes is playing hockey since she was 7 yars old, Peter! Even was in the best team of east of Holland when she was 17 years old.

She had to quit playing for 1 year and she had missed it so much!! She has her diploms and isteaching hockey-lessons herself since 4 years.... ;-)

Hockey is her life!!
Aug 21 2010 16:24 GMT PaP67
interresting collage - a confidential sport here in my region....
there is spoken here above about a " tough " girl, i don't know this word, let me consult the dictionary...oh Yes a typical Dutch tough ! isn't it !......
Aug 21 2010 19:51 GMT martini957
ouch....sounds painful...bless her....can't keep a good woman down : )
Aug 22 2010 05:05 GMT MargNZ
I am sure she overcame her injuries with the great result in the second game !
As a mother, it is hard to watch from the sideline sometimes !