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Tags squirrel

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Last friday on my walk with Gizmo I was lucky to see 3 squirrels playing in the sun.

Btw. Fridayevening Gizmo was struck by a haemorrhage or a seizure. She is oke now but very tired and quiet and almost not eating but still waiving her tail when she sees me. According to the vet she has no pain.... Tomorrow we will visit the vet again.

Its very hard to see her this way......
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 12 2014 10:37 GMT bandsix
I am sad to hear about Gizmo, and am sending best wishes for her swift recovery:))
This looks like a red squirrel in the tree..the sort that used to be common in the UK but are now quite a rare sight:))
Jan 12 2014 10:48 GMT Annamaria
Thank you so much Barbara! I will give her a hug from you! ;-)

I think we only have red squirls in Holland and not the grey ones you have in Engand!
Jan 12 2014 12:34 GMT Papagena
I fully join Barbara's comment !! How old is Gizmo now?? It reminds me all the worries I had with my cats......

We don't have a lot of red squirrels no more. Indeed the American species take more and more their place ;(( But fortunately we still have some dark brown ones......

Read Joan's comment given at that time...

Jan 12 2014 12:47 GMT Annamaria
Thank you for your comment, Ruth!

I have read the links you gave me. I don't know for sure that we have no grey squirrels in Holland, but they sure are bigger then the red ones! I have seen so many of the grey ones when I visited Joan! ;-)
Jan 12 2014 13:13 GMT hans55 PRO
i do hope Gizmo wil recover soon again !!!
a great catch !!
Jan 12 2014 14:33 GMT Annamaria
Thank you so much, Hans!! ;-)
Jan 12 2014 15:27 GMT Lalbabu
So sorry to hear Gizmo's illness,like bandsix I too wish her quick recovery.

In India we don't have red squirrels only grey with black strips over its back !!!!
Jan 12 2014 16:34 GMT Annamaria
Thank you so much, Lalbabu! ;-)
Jan 12 2014 16:58 GMT pauli3522
difficult to take a pic of them....they move too fast
Jan 12 2014 17:11 GMT pauli3522
so sorry to hear about your doggies..i hope she gets better soon....
Jan 12 2014 17:42 GMT Annamaria
Thank you so much, Paulina!! ;-)
Jan 12 2014 19:32 GMT Jeanmac
Sorry to hear that Gizmo has been poorly.it must be such a worry for you!. The red squirrels are lovely we only have the grey ones.
Jan 12 2014 19:49 GMT Annamaria
Thank you so much, Jean! I hope she will feel better in a few days!! ;-)
Jan 12 2014 20:25 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Anna-Maria, I'm really sorry to hear about poor little Gizmo's illness and can imagine how worried you must be. Good luck at the vet's tomorrow.
Jan 12 2014 21:51 GMT mellie
Sending positive thoughts your way for Gizmo's recovery.
Jan 13 2014 00:50 GMT fhelsing PRO
Hi there, you fine squirrel!

More best wishes from me, too. I hope that Gizmo will be feeling frisky again soon!