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Meet "PUCK".....

She is the new dog of my son and his wife. They have bought her from a family who rescues streetdogs from Romania. When Pucks' mother was checked by a veterinarian in Holland they found out that she was pregnant. Puck is 1 of 4 puppies. She is 5 months old and her mother is only 1 year old. She is soooo cute and already good friends with Gizmo who normally doesn't make friends easily.....

I am sure Puck will be happy in her new home ;-)

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Comments on this photo:

Feb 25 2013 20:41 GMT clintonfolks
hello Puck you are so cute.!!!
Feb 25 2013 20:56 GMT julie13
How kind of your family to adopt her, she is so cute and adorable. It is so sad the lives some dogs have and her mother is little more than a puppy herself. So glad that this little one will have a nice comfortable life.
Feb 25 2013 21:29 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Julie, above, says exactly what I was thinking. This is a lovely collage of the pretty little addition to your family.
Feb 25 2013 21:56 GMT Myshots
Beautiful shots of Puck, I met he's making a wonderful addition to for your son and his wife....Adorable...
Feb 25 2013 22:01 GMT 25barb
It has been said. if people love animals they have to be good people...
And this is a perfect example of 'good people'
He is adorable and will bring much happiness to the family - to love is to be loved
Thanks to your son and wife...
Feb 25 2013 22:04 GMT pauli3522
what a nice doggie, i am so happy that this story has a happy end, i mean..this lovely doggie found a family to be loved...and he will enjoy your company too and gizmo`s love too...great pic too my friend
Feb 25 2013 22:33 GMT wijnie58
What a lovely little puppie, Annamaria...:-))
Feb 26 2013 01:14 GMT martini957
So adorable...congratulations to your son & his wife on their precious new pet
Feb 26 2013 02:15 GMT T1MELESS PRO
I see she has made herself at home already :-) nice dog !!!
Feb 26 2013 02:15 GMT T1MELESS PRO
I see she has made herself at home already :-) nice dog !!!
Feb 26 2013 02:15 GMT T1MELESS PRO
I see she has made herself at home already :-) nice dog !!!
Feb 26 2013 02:42 GMT RTW
pretty dog.
Feb 26 2013 03:15 GMT fhelsing PRO
Welcome to Fotothing, Puck, and I hope that you enjoy a long and happy life!
Feb 26 2013 12:56 GMT CarlBovisNaturePhotography
Such a cute collage...adorable Puck! :-)
Feb 26 2013 13:04 GMT hans55 PRO
looks like a cute puppy to me !
Feb 26 2013 13:38 GMT Lalbabu
Fantastic collage of Puck and yes many thanks to your son and his wife they are very very kind to rescue Puck's mother !!!!!
Feb 26 2013 13:48 GMT bandsix
A little sweetie who has 'landed on her feet' as the saying goes...I hope they will all be very happy!!
Feb 26 2013 16:37 GMT Hanny50
Soooo cute, I could love her/him too, nice collage!!
Feb 28 2013 07:51 GMT MargNZ
Adorable Puck and a cute new addition to the family Annamaria :)
Feb 28 2013 18:39 GMT elsje323
adorable shots of Puck
Mar 04 2013 13:24 GMT Bellavista
Puck is lovely and should be lucky to find a nice home and a friend! :-))