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This morning at 6.30AM we left for Schiphol Airport to say goodbye to my son Bastiaan. He will attend a training of 7 weeks in Denver. He is a flightdispatcher for the Dutch Airforce.

The planning was to fly from Amsterdam-London-Denver but the flight London-Denver was cancelled due to planetroubles. At the last moment he and his collegue could fly with Delta Airlines from Amsterdam to Minneapolis and then to Denver. His departure was in only 1 hour, so we said goodbye in a hurry and there he went....

Byebye dear Bastiaan, have a safe trip and enjoy your stay in the USA!! .... see you in 7 weeks.... !! ;-)

I have made many pictures but my camera is giving me more and more troubles and only a few were reasonable good.....;-(
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 27 2012 17:21 GMT 25barb
I hope the time will pass quickly and he will be back with family...And if this is the first
time in the USA I hope he enjoys it...Denver is beautiful.. and the Air Force Academy
is wonderful.. Is that Mom giving her son a big hug...??? I wish him a safe and happy trip.
And, this is a wonderful composite of his waiting to leave...
Oct 27 2012 17:23 GMT Annamaria
Thank you so much, Barb!! The young lady with red hair is his wife. the gor married only 5 months ago...;-)
Oct 27 2012 17:34 GMT Cronos1
Sorry about your camera :-(
Beautiful collage ! And good luck to Bastiaan !
Oct 27 2012 17:52 GMT hans55 PRO
woow a big adventure for him ... does his wife get a change to visit him in Denver ??
sorry about your camera ... looking for a new one ??
Oct 27 2012 18:09 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Lovely collage. Good luck to Bastiaan. Sorry about your camera.
Oct 27 2012 18:18 GMT Annamaria
I am saving to get a new one.... outside pictures are okay... its the inside part that gives me troubles....
Oct 27 2012 18:43 GMT fhelsing PRO
Good luck to you, Bastiaan!
Oct 27 2012 18:51 GMT elsje323
good luck to Bastiaan, always difficult to say goodbye......
Oct 28 2012 10:01 GMT skyball
Good luck to your son Anna!!...and with your camera!!:-)).....
Oct 28 2012 10:10 GMT Annamaria
Thank you so much for all your kind comments!! ;-)
Oct 28 2012 10:41 GMT wijnie58
Good luck to your Bastiaan, Annamaria....I hope he has a great time...:-))
Oct 28 2012 13:10 GMT bandsix
Nice collage...the time will fly by (at least for him!) and before you know it, you will be welcoming him home again.....:)
Oct 28 2012 15:14 GMT martini957
Awwww so hard to say goodbye.. no matter how old they are...may those 7 weeks fly by and that he has time to call you often : ))
Oct 28 2012 15:38 GMT senna3
Fantastic collage!
I can imagine how difficult it is to say goodbye to a child, but as Nancy said, 7 weeks may fly by. I remember when we said goodbye to our daughter when she left for the US with the plan to come back within a few months.
Oct 29 2012 01:55 GMT MargNZ
Great images for the family album Annamaria. The time will pass quickly and he will be back before you know it :)
Oct 29 2012 16:22 GMT Bellavista
great to spend 7 weeks with learning! wish to go back to the school again!! and all that in the US should be fun!
Christmas is coming.....let yourself surprise with a new camera!
You deserved it!! :-))
Oct 29 2012 16:37 GMT Annamaria
Bea, maybe you can give Santa a hint for me...;-))