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Tags sunrise


Sunrise last week....

I have a technical question to you, my friends:

When you enlarge this picture you can see some round spots at the right of the shot. Some time ago it started with 3 spots but now I sometimes have 7 spots.... I first thought they were raindrops but they aren't!

Does anyone know what is causing this?
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 12 2013 18:35 GMT Papagena
I had the same problem with one spot but cannot explain it Anna-Maria !! When I brought it to the seller they did change my camera's lens. I hadn't to pay as it was still under guaranty.

Nevertheless a beautiful sunrise picture !! ;o)
Oct 12 2013 18:38 GMT Annamaria
Thank you somuch, Ruth! ;-) I have plans to trade it with paying some extra for a newer camera.... No guaranty on my camera anymore...;-(
Oct 12 2013 19:05 GMT saffi9
lovely shot anna maria , must be a markings on the lens
Oct 12 2013 19:15 GMT happysnaper
Beautiful image Anna they spots could be on the sensor if you change your lens can get dust inside the camera we all have this problem.
Oct 12 2013 19:47 GMT Annamaria
Tony, I have no loose lenses... I have a digital camera .... but i guess it will be possible anyway....
Oct 12 2013 19:48 GMT Annamaria
I am afraid so, Dave! ;-(
Oct 12 2013 20:29 GMT elsje323
fantastic sunrise
Oct 12 2013 21:31 GMT bandsix
Took me a while to see the spots.....was admiring the beautiful sunrise...but now I can.....it's still a lovely image:))
Oct 13 2013 00:29 GMT martini957
You might want to try wiping the lens down with some lens cleaner & soft cloth....I sometimes forget to clean my lens and find those annoying spots in my images too and especially since I've lost my lens cap : (
Oct 13 2013 05:55 GMT Lalbabu
It's a wonderful sunrise shot.Now as regards spots do you use protective filter over the lens,if so,follow the method as described by martini957 for both filter & lens.After doing so if the problem still persists take the camera to the repairer for cleaning fungus.
Oct 13 2013 09:32 GMT superJoan
A fantastic sunrise Anna... afraid I am not awake these dark mornings to enjoy it...Looks as if you have dust on your sensor causing the dark spots most new cameras have a sensor cleaning devise as you switch off...would be nice to invest in a new camera..pamper your self and treat yourself for christmas.
Oct 13 2013 12:31 GMT T1MELESS PRO
A terrific sunrise Annamaria .I wont offer any advice on the spots as everone seems to have it covered !!!!
Oct 13 2013 14:33 GMT Annamaria
Thank you all so much for your comments and advices!! I will try to figure out what to do... but first try to clean my lens (again) ;-))

I will think of your words, Joan! Thank you so much ;-)