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I took the day off today and made a long walk. The weather is great: very sunny and temp. just 15C.

Maybe some of you remember my report from last year when a beautiful area was burned probably due to humans' fault. i went there again.... it still is spooky.... almost no birds and not much green (yet) I hope it will survive that disaster... Nature is strong! It still is a great place to explore!!
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 15 2012 13:34 GMT Lalbabu
Agree with you 'Nature is strong',looks very beautiful even if there is no green & birds.
Mar 15 2012 13:51 GMT sheasoru68
Well done to you Anna, I am sure that you had a lovely walk judging by this photo.
Mar 15 2012 14:05 GMT hallo
I'm sure the place will revive soon!
Mar 15 2012 14:06 GMT happysnaper
Beautiful photograph Anna hope you enjoyed your walk.
Mar 15 2012 15:26 GMT peterpinhole
Good for you that you can take the day off.
Nature will rebound. Some seeds sit dormant until heat removes the protective shell so that it may germinate.
Lovely composition here.
Mar 15 2012 16:01 GMT Pea2007
Looks warm ,I am training to get fit again without a coat .
Mar 15 2012 16:49 GMT Myshots
Wonderful notes and a beautiful shot...someday it may come back to what it was,but you still captured the beauty of this shot...
Mar 15 2012 17:13 GMT elsje323
beautiful shot and indeed nature is strong
Mar 15 2012 18:23 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
A beautiful photo, but sad to think about what happened.
Mar 15 2012 20:06 GMT skyball
It does look an interesting place Anna!!...great shot!!!!!.....
Mar 15 2012 20:38 GMT saffi9
lovely shot it could be the african plains
Mar 15 2012 21:32 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful photo and 3D frame!
Mar 15 2012 21:48 GMT pauli3522
i hope that too my friend...i really get ssad when people destroy nature
Mar 15 2012 22:37 GMT bandsix
I love this image Anna-Maria.....beautiful.....
Mar 16 2012 03:18 GMT martini957
Good for you taking the day off & enjoying a nice long walk....Mother Nature is awesome...I hope this wonderful place will survive too Anna-Maria
Mar 16 2012 05:39 GMT sini
Wonderful shot!:)
Mar 16 2012 09:29 GMT MargNZ
I do hope the birds will return . Lovely day off for you Annamaria :))
Mar 16 2012 15:35 GMT hamid2010
Lovely shot and frame too :)
Mar 16 2012 17:41 GMT julie13
It may take a few years to recover properly after such damage. Lovely photo though.
Mar 16 2012 20:57 GMT FLUMP
i'm glad it was a good day for your walk, this is a good composition and great framing
Mar 16 2012 23:49 GMT wijnie58
WOW Awesome shot..:-))
Mar 17 2012 16:17 GMT Danijela
fantastic shot!:)
Mar 17 2012 17:27 GMT Annamaria
Thanks for all your kind comments...;-)
Mar 19 2012 21:39 GMT jmcdh
Beautiful photo Annamaria