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Tags 1 year ft

357 views 2 people's favourite photo

Exactly 1 year ago I joined Fotothing and never regretted doing so...;-))

In that period I have uploaded 2111 pictures and made some dear friends all over the World! Thank you for your friendship!!

Thank you all for your kind comments.... It is impossible to give a reaction on all of them!
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 19 2011 05:40 GMT sini
Jan 19 2011 05:42 GMT martini957
Awww that's so sweet.....Happy first year dear Anna-Maria : ))
I'm happy to be one of your friends
Jan 19 2011 05:44 GMT Annamaria
Thanks Sini!!
Jan 19 2011 05:45 GMT Annamaria
You sure are, Nancy!! Thank you.....
Jan 19 2011 05:57 GMT Laura1
Congrats! :D
Jan 19 2011 06:08 GMT Annamaria
Thanks Laura! ;-)
Jan 19 2011 06:41 GMT Pea2007
You have been a very rewarding friend and member of FT Annamaria.
Keep it up.
Jan 19 2011 06:54 GMT hans55 PRO
Congrats with your one year anniversary dear friend !!!! :-)
Jan 19 2011 07:00 GMT Annamaria
Thank you so much, Peter.... I will do my upmost! ;-))
Jan 19 2011 07:01 GMT Annamaria
Thanks a lot, Hans! FT has become a real addiction to me...;-))
Jan 19 2011 07:49 GMT dogies1
a wonderful collection annamaria
Jan 19 2011 07:52 GMT Donjames
Congratulations on your first anniversary on ft.....CELEBRATE !!!!!!!!!
Jan 19 2011 07:54 GMT Annamaria
Thanks dogies1...;-))
Jan 19 2011 07:54 GMT Annamaria
Thanks DJ!! I am celebrating it by going to the office...;-))
Jan 19 2011 08:10 GMT Donjames
Nah !!!! Enjoy a great glass of wine tonight rather.... :-())))
Jan 19 2011 08:21 GMT iyerhari
Jan 19 2011 10:05 GMT MargNZ
Hi Annamaria and Gizmo ... well done and thank you for your interesting and great photos :))
Jan 19 2011 10:15 GMT linnywv PRO
Anna...because of the wonderful folks like you this becomes a warm and friendly place!
Jan 19 2011 10:17 GMT bandsix
Happy Anniversary Annamaria...here's wishing you many more years of great photos and friendships....!!
Jan 19 2011 10:42 GMT Papagena
Already one year, time is passing so quickly !! I am happy to be your friend, and to follow your beautiful pictures too !! You are indeed rather addicted !! ;+)) LOL

Jan 19 2011 12:11 GMT Annamaria
Thanks a lot iyerhari!
Jan 19 2011 12:12 GMT Annamaria
Thank you so much Marg! ;-)
Jan 19 2011 12:12 GMT Annamaria
Thanks for the compliment, Linda! ;-)
Jan 19 2011 12:13 GMT Annamaria
Thank you so much, Barbara! ;-))
Jan 19 2011 12:13 GMT Annamaria
I sure am, Ruth! Thank you! ;-))
Jan 19 2011 12:33 GMT FRIESIAN
Wat een leuke collage Annamaria!! Dan maar op naar de volgende jaren met net zo veel FT plezier.
Jan 19 2011 12:43 GMT clintonfolks
congratulations.!!! a very lovely collage. I am glad to be one of your many friends.
I love fotothing, I get to see many parts of the world that I know I may never Get
to go to, and meet so many wonderful people.cf...
Jan 19 2011 12:45 GMT Annamaria
Daar gaan we voor, Jannie! ;-))
Jan 19 2011 12:47 GMT Annamaria
Thanks cf !! Thats true... you can "visit"so many places all over the world without leaving your home...

At the other hand: it often makes me long to see it in reality.... ;-)) Sooo many beautiful places I want to visit...;-)
Jan 19 2011 12:49 GMT superJoan
Congratulations Anna maria and thank you for your friendship....
Jan 19 2011 12:52 GMT Annamaria
Thanks Joan! You are a dear friend to me too...;-))
Jan 19 2011 13:58 GMT fotoloekb PRO
Anna-Maria, gefeliciteerd en zie me maar snel in te halen! ;-)
Jan 19 2011 14:02 GMT Annamaria
Dat zal nog wel even duren, Loek! ;-)) Maar ja... jij bent al 6 jaar lid...;-))
Jan 19 2011 14:58 GMT Lalbabu
An wonderful collage for a year!!!
Jan 19 2011 17:49 GMT FLUMP
What a wonderful collage and lovely words. You certainly make it a better place with your friendly and encouraging comments....
Jan 19 2011 17:50 GMT Annamaria
Thanks Lalbabu! ;-))
Jan 19 2011 17:50 GMT Annamaria
Thanks Joe! I will sure do the best I can...;-))
Jan 19 2011 17:52 GMT Annamaria
Thanks you so much Helen! You all make it so easy to be friendly!! ;-)
Jan 19 2011 18:12 GMT senna3
Congratulations with your first FT-Birthday Anna-Maria, a great collage to celebrate this mile stone!
Jan 19 2011 18:14 GMT Annamaria
Thanks so much, Peter! And for all the comments you gave me!
Jan 19 2011 18:40 GMT Lie
Thanks Annamaria for sharing your beautiful pictures with me/us...and keep goijng on !

Jan 19 2011 18:41 GMT Annamaria
Thank you Lie! And for all your kind comments...;-))
Jan 19 2011 19:23 GMT mamontof
Jubilay of Aquarius 8-)
Jan 19 2011 19:51 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Congratulations, dear Anna Maria! FT really is a great place to share photos, make friends and learn more about the world, and you have contributed more than most to make it such a welcoming place!
Jan 19 2011 20:07 GMT jmcdh
Beautiful collage Annamaria , Happy anniversary
Jan 19 2011 20:18 GMT Annamaria
Thank you so much, Sylvia!! So kind of you!! ;-))
Jan 19 2011 20:19 GMT Annamaria
Thank you so much, James!!
Jan 19 2011 21:26 GMT LizSA
cheers Annamaria.... and congratulations.... FT is great...!! i agree.
Jan 19 2011 21:28 GMT Annamaria
Thanks Liz!! ;-))
Jan 20 2011 04:01 GMT fhelsing PRO
Wow, time for a celebration!
Jan 20 2011 05:34 GMT Annamaria
Thanks Fleur...;-))
Jan 22 2011 07:24 GMT Barton
Time really flies when your having fun Annie, I look forword to many more years with you and all our fotothing friends, As we share our outlook on the world around us in the name of Peace and Harmony for all.Bless you my friend for sharing!!!!
Jan 22 2011 08:42 GMT Annamaria
Thank you so much for your kind words, Larry!! ;-))