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WORK IN PROGRESS - The unfinished painting is oil on canvas - Now the question is - should I paint in some coconut limbs just poking in over the old broken down fence and grass? What is YOUR opinion?


Whenever I sit down to paint
I always have to stop and think
Now what is it that I want to do
Iím not always sure, how about you?

Maybe in this case Iíll paint two old boats
Neither one of them being afloat
So Iíll sketch them in andÖÖ.
Paint in a blue-gray sky, ocean and sand

The boats have been abandoned in the sand
Right in the middle of no mans land
And now their sad, sad lot
Is to lay there forgotten, to rust and rot

Maybe thereís an old fence in the corner
Itís broken down and out of order
Well of course there is tall grass growing
Bright and sunny, thereís no snowing

How about some coconut limbs
Sticking out green and slim
A place to while away your dreams
The painting is of the Philippines

Itís fun to just let your mind wander
What else could be over yonder
What else to do, I wonder why
Shouldnít there be some birds in the sky?

Well Iím not certain about those limbs
Maybe Iíd better re-think them
Oh well no need for stress or sorrow
I can always finish it tomorrow
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 19 2006 13:05 GMT DGM
Yes, coconut leaves will add drama to the beach scene!
Sep 19 2006 23:41 GMT AmericanPainter
Thanks, DJM - just needed a second opinion
Oct 08 2006 04:32 GMT leicabongmel
Maybe some patches of clouds, here and there
Or the Coconut limbs that we can stare.....

Sorry, not much of a poet like you, and a good painter too!