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Tags cat

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Hair Bear
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 16 2006 08:40 GMT SHEHOU
lovely eyes!!!
Apr 16 2006 17:15 GMT zeem
Apr 19 2006 20:58 GMT Batdog

.......and not because he's frightened of them or anything, he's just too mighty and erm, HEROIC to waste his time with small hairy beasts which have sharp needles and fangs....
Apr 23 2006 15:14 GMT mel123uk
looks like hes been in the tumble drier
Apr 28 2006 15:41 GMT i1942un
great name. well nourished. nice....
Apr 28 2006 23:46 GMT Milibuh
Where is my hair brush ????
May 01 2006 19:41 GMT maniax
May 02 2006 15:38 GMT Olympe1961
Hair Bear and Golden Eyes : wondefull cat... I think he is looking for his hair-dresser !!!! :)
May 07 2006 16:02 GMT fmsbotelho
Really nice look! I invite him to know my cats!
May 08 2006 08:43 GMT Sheela
Is it YOURS? ? ? ?
May 10 2006 09:08 GMT alisadeghein
wow.it s very nice cat!!11
May 18 2006 17:32 GMT aanteking100
nice cat !
May 19 2006 19:17 GMT stuboy
:( poor little hair bear, so sorry he's gone Als :(
May 19 2006 20:28 GMT CarlosFandango
Yeah :( Missing him loads :,(
May 19 2006 20:42 GMT b2e2t2h
:) nice cat
May 19 2006 21:18 GMT paparazziboy
May 25 2006 19:12 GMT u40
dobre foto swietne swiatło i kompozycja
Jun 10 2006 08:39 GMT iyerhari
Great Attention.
Jun 12 2006 08:10 GMT Elise
Jun 30 2006 06:15 GMT neera
great eye
Aug 20 2006 10:59 GMT TE4SE
Beautiful love this particular colour of cat :).
Aug 24 2006 08:14 GMT forwardlamp
thanx!yours too!
Sep 12 2006 18:02 GMT LizSA
I just read what stuboy said...sorry for the loss of your cat.... !!!!!
thx for the good you did for him and taking care of him while you could!
Sep 14 2006 01:57 GMT stuboy
Liz, he was a stunning little cat, he just loved being slapped really hard on his back, he used to purr while you were doing it & if you stopped he would get upset, I've never known a cat that likes that other than Hair Bear ;)
Sep 14 2006 13:12 GMT LizSA
Why would the cat want to be slapped on his back,,,that really is funny,,,
cats are great,,,they all have their own personality...just like we do..
was it a young or an old cat...I cannot really make out on the photo....!!!

Sep 18 2006 12:57 GMT Als PRO
Thanks for your comments LizSA. He was about 11 years old.
Sep 21 2006 21:27 GMT LizSA
How you feeling now...Als...Stuboy said you want to look out for another cat..
11 yrs, is young...but I am really sorry...the last cat i lost is still too
prominent in my mind, she was also 11 yrs...when she died..I am too upset yet to talk about it...but now I am scared to have more pets...we were very
unlucky with cats....they don't live long when they are with me...!!!
Oct 06 2006 19:03 GMT LizSA
You are so not active on FT...are you living a very active life...busy with the
everyday going on's.....keep well....!!
Dec 06 2006 18:44 GMT 7den
WoW ! Very interesting shot. Well done!