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Copyright © Dennis A. Jones

Date:- 20-05-2009

Portland, Dorset

Pale Tussock (Calliteara pudibunda) Male

A common species that is found within many well wooded areas of England and Wales. The Male is easily told from the larger female by its reddish-brown feathered antenna. Both have a characteristic resting pose with their two front legs push out in front of the head, and can sometimes be found upon tree trunks during the day, though they usually rest higher up amongst the branches.

They are commonly seen around Mercury vapour light traps, either entering the trap or found alighting upon the surrounding vegitation. They are on the wing during May and June.

Comments on this photo:

Mar 20 2010 12:06 GMT Rabbitwmn
Great macro of this moth! I appreciate your write-up, that's how we learn :-)

Welcome to Fotothing!!
Mar 20 2010 15:53 GMT Agrotis