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hi all

Fotothing's dead to me
it has to be, for several reasons

the site it self is worse and worse, and most of my good friends don't even come anymore

but most of all, personnally I can't take it anymore... for those who know me, you know my history here, you know who I've been close to
and who I've been too close too

I wish you well
if you're ever in Paris, look me up, whoever you are

I'm not a great poet as certain are, but know I've spent a lot of love here, and leaving is not a happy move

a bientot
volim te

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 09 2008 21:41 GMT superJoan
What a shame....I have my beedy eye on you......
Nov 10 2008 04:25 GMT Ott
It was nice to met you here, and in Paris. And I like your pictures, keep moving, wherever you put your pictures. Maybe someday we'll work on the same movie!
Nov 10 2008 09:48 GMT kamiskamis
good light...and nice idea
Nov 10 2008 23:21 GMT nighttrain69
exactly good light and... see you... wherever
Nov 13 2008 10:31 GMT Tupilak
Bon, ben si j'ai bien compris ce que tu as écris en anglais, tu te barres de FT !!
et bien, sans être un puriste de la photographie comme toi, je trouve aussi que cela perd en qualité.

Cela devient un peu du n'importe quoi, plus trop de qualité d'images, de compositions, de piqué, de recherches esthétiques, bref on tombe bien plus dans du "portrait" de famille, la petite dernière, la vue du balcon et les bougies de la grand-mère !!!

En résumé, il reste de très belles "productions", "éditions", "mises en ligne", mais qui deviennent de plus en plus rares !
Je ne m'extasie plus que bien trop rarement sur une photo
- "P..... que c'est bien photographié, quelle composition! quel grain!"
que ce soit du noir et blanc, de la couleur, de la macro, du paysage, voire même des photos retouchées, mais avec une recherche esthétiques, de la photo artistique, un tant soit peu, un minimum, au moins !!
Alors je viens moins souvent sur FT . . . avis aux créateurs !!!

Nov 15 2008 17:40 GMT Deny
Nov 15 2008 21:42 GMT fotocellosdh
I also stopped once, because I thought as you do. Now I keep my presence on a low level.
It's only internet, isn't it?
Greetings and a bientot??? HL
Nov 15 2008 21:43 GMT fotocellosdh
I forgot something: this photo is a beautiful close up!!!
Nov 19 2008 08:14 GMT CorazonesNegr0s

Nov 26 2008 14:38 GMT elbaron
So sad that you have to go, but make new friends, stay a little longer, come back to us and if i go to Paris i will write to you ;) greetings from Vienna, Austria
Dec 13 2008 15:33 GMT kieran888
Takecare of yourself. Joyeux Noel.
Dec 25 2008 12:31 GMT karlbark
Very stylish!!

-Have a wonderful Christmas! :-)
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Jan 29 2009 12:01 GMT voodoo23
plain beautiful...good luck where ever you are ;-)
Feb 06 2009 13:58 GMT vandana
very expressive shot!
Feb 17 2009 18:51 GMT anuratHa
Beautiful :)
May 30 2009 01:30 GMT pradeepvishwakarma
Aug 11 2009 04:57 GMT Nefertari
Oct 10 2009 10:01 GMT Peixy
Your EYE...it remeber me to someone.... a very special someone!!!


Take care.....
Nov 09 2009 18:43 GMT joymab4

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Nov 29 2009 16:41 GMT irajsalarvand
hi and salam...!!!
great shoot....
May 30 2010 01:34 GMT Nefertari
It s a very, very nice work!
Jun 10 2011 01:28 GMT baby4u2011

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and I'm interested in knowing you & being friendly with you . I would appreciate if we get acquainted as soon as possible, you can reach me through my private e-mail stated below so that we can get to know each other better.

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Oct 31 2011 09:18 GMT Solar
cool light