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Tags birds

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 26 2008 15:44 GMT deefer PRO
A beautiful captuure.
Jan 26 2008 16:22 GMT EveCN
nice and lovely ~
to my fav
Jan 26 2008 16:28 GMT Dorado
Jan 26 2008 16:36 GMT linnywv PRO
They truly look like painted toys! So wonderful! I wish we had these near by! I would sit with the camera for hours and take pictures of them.
Jan 26 2008 17:42 GMT Tom33
Beautiful ducks - and a great photo
Jan 26 2008 18:17 GMT aquiles PRO
SPLENDID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 26 2008 23:29 GMT Vasca
Sooooo beautiful birds!!
Jan 27 2008 06:44 GMT mbz
Jan 27 2008 11:25 GMT womanwithacamera
Very nice
Jan 27 2008 11:53 GMT senna3
A beauty!
Jan 27 2008 12:57 GMT lalewa
Jan 27 2008 22:18 GMT caferr
nice colors...
Jan 28 2008 09:50 GMT sini
Beautiful capture!:)
Jan 28 2008 19:50 GMT Tarde
Beautiful birds!
Jan 29 2008 05:59 GMT Erica44
This color is so beautiful what a bird.!
Jan 30 2008 20:57 GMT fico
just one of my fav.
Jan 31 2008 12:46 GMT oneiro
this is real...???wonderful!
Feb 01 2008 15:11 GMT Adamus
This is absolutely real.
Feb 03 2008 19:47 GMT Marttaru
Wau, beautiful duck!! We don't have here anything like this!
Feb 03 2008 19:47 GMT Marttaru
Wau, beautiful duck!! We don't have here anything like this!
Feb 19 2008 18:48 GMT figur56
beautiful birds.
Feb 27 2008 10:03 GMT Pueo PRO
cute ducks. I like the tight depth of field.
Mar 01 2008 16:30 GMT jel
May 16 2008 19:10 GMT Shawan
hi adamus, i see you are still at it!! beautiful capture. Keep up the good work :)
May 22 2008 03:53 GMT larrybenedict
The mandarin duck seems to be everyone's favortie. It is mine.
May 22 2008 17:01 GMT annieann PRO
beautiful birds well captured
Jul 15 2008 08:51 GMT oneiro
Jul 24 2008 15:11 GMT Diva PRO
Sharp and colorful, gorgeous!
Jul 30 2008 20:04 GMT pauli3522
Aug 04 2008 16:12 GMT thestargazer
they look fake haha they r beautiful!!!
Aug 14 2008 18:37 GMT sprekitoy
Great Photo
Aug 15 2008 02:48 GMT mkris0720
pretty bird... nicely done adamus.. what kind of bird is it????
Aug 22 2008 05:50 GMT codem
beautiful bird, never seen like it
Dec 16 2008 06:06 GMT rench
Jan 11 2009 01:43 GMT karlbark
These are just amazing!!
(I just came across this shot in the "featured photos" section, by the way)

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Apr 06 2009 19:44 GMT PedroBala
I am confused. Is there a duck, chicken, seagull, is there even a bird? :)
nice shot
Apr 18 2009 20:18 GMT SidHorror
WOW that's an awesome photo.
and those ducks are really cute =D
May 20 2009 08:30 GMT adnan101
oroginal look and nice
Aug 12 2009 12:42 GMT Snappa
Very nicely taken, I love these little Ducks
Sep 27 2009 20:22 GMT Imtiaz
Wonderful shot
Jan 03 2010 12:37 GMT malo
Jan 31 2010 11:28 GMT NicsPics PRO
I adore Mandarin ducks - I have one park nearby that has them. These are incredible photos, well done.
Aug 28 2010 21:03 GMT Lie
A beauty ! Great colours, great picture, great job.
May 01 2011 05:53 GMT porph
I wish the thing could hear all the praises, or else it's just a real waste.
May 15 2011 18:15 GMT bertty
good shot
Aug 26 2011 07:40 GMT aeeass

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