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Piasa Bird

The Legend of the Piasa Bird

"On June 10, l637, Joliet and Marquette set out on an expedition down the Mississippi River to find a waterway leading to the Pacific Ocean.
At the time the explorers made their way down the Mississippi River, they encountered the image of two large monsters on the face of the bluffs.
According to Marquette's diary "They are as large as a calf. They have horns on their heads like those of a deer, a horrible look , red eyes, a beard like a tigers. a face somewhat like a mans, a body covered with scales, and so long a tail that it winds all around the body, passing above the head and going back between the legs, ending in a fish tail. Green, red and black are the three colors composing the pictures
The Illini Indians of the region called the monster 'The Piasa' (pronounced Pie-a-saw) meaning bird that devours men. There are many legends among the Upper Mississippi Native American tribes regarding
the Piasa and its origins'".

Some say that in memory of this event, the image of the Piasa was engraved on the bluff many years later, Native Americans would shoot arrows at the image as they passed it.
The figure of a large bird was indeed cut into the solid rack at a height that is perfectly inaccessible.

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Comments on this photo:

May 03 2013 05:06 GMT Petermosull
Wow, great picture and such great information
May 03 2013 05:15 GMT MargNZ
Fascinating legend and yes, a perfect shot . Thanks for sharing Barb :)
May 03 2013 06:45 GMT saffi9
amazing barb
May 03 2013 08:50 GMT clintonfolks
May 03 2013 11:08 GMT Papagena
It's interesting that nearly each people has created his legends about a person or an animal, like the monster of Loch Ness. In Switzerland we have our William Tell legend:

May 03 2013 14:34 GMT wijnie58
What a beautiful legend and information Barbara..:-))
May 03 2013 20:07 GMT Annamaria
Interesting shot and story, Barb!! ;-))
May 17 2013 04:21 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Art work, Great news too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!